Arrival of the Italian instant messaging application: Whatsapp risks domination?

Arrival of the Italian instant messaging application: Whatsapp risks domination?

A new Made in Italy app is ready to attract customers. Can he pose a threat on Whatsapp? Let’s find out together

WhatsApp For a decade now dominance regarding the realm instant message. Although other similar platforms such as cable And Signaltool that he owns half She managed to establish her position and garnered even greater public acclaim.

It seems though at least in Italy The situation could change given that A.J Vicenza A new application has been created that allows equality in WhatsApp To be able to communicate in real time with all your contacts. he is called epic It is already available at this stage in all digital stores.

Discover Yeppik: the Italian app that dreams of bringing down Whatsapp

She has personal connections with empathy and emotions as her pillars without forgetting the professional and business sectors. So let’s try to understand how it works and what is the main difference with other chats. created by Philip Nigro And Nicholas Dal Bosco from Social media sentimentsaims to change the ways of communication.

Among its features there is the possibility to insert a file Custom emoji To emphasize the feelings you are feeling, so as to share your mood with others. can be transmitted Joy, happiness, anger and other types of feelings. Moreover, multimedia and graphic formats can be inserted into messages as well as avatars that users like so much.

As for other features of the app, you can add multimedia links using the ‘click’ function. Users will also send some digital content And Use of e-commerce systems. A feature that allows you to get files Airline tickets, concert tickets, sporting events and cultural events.

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The name choice is also intriguing. This is the result of combining terms Yes, Epic and Pictures. It also sounds phonetically for the word “happy” Which, as it is known in English, means happiness. All that remains is to see what impact it will have, primarily on Bill Paese, where WhatsApp It’s very ingrained now. Moreover, the challenge is also to go abroad and try to give the app a hard time half. The latter, for its part, continues to work for progress and guarantees users an increasing number of innovations capable of improving the quality of the service provided.

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