A café racer that smells like racing

A café racer that smells like racing

Who says electric motorcycles burn ties with the past? The most notable deniability comes from an unusual vehicle.

Motorcycles change a lot, it’s true. The constant expansion of new ideas, technologies, innovations and looking to the future sometimes raises concerns of a lack of interest in what the past represents for two-wheelers.

Motorcycle (motomondiale.it – Canva)

What is new and unknown is always very scary, especially if the risk is to radically break ties with the past. However, well, we can tell you that this is not the case at all.

Despite the skepticism towards electric cars, we assure you that the two-wheeled vehicle we are about to discover brings us in line with what it once was: a vehicle focused entirely on the pure emotion of motorcycling. A motorcycle like this, aesthetically and technically, will convince anyone to at least give it a chance.

Past and future together: here is the car you least expect

Rail Motors offers It is an amazing concept bike to say the least. Let’s talk about the electric two-wheel bike Ares, a café racer with a retro look and advanced technology that aims to do great things in the two-wheeler market. Ares We draw clearly on the pastAesthetically, as evidenced by the 1960s style. This combines the front lighting unit and the central area with protection from the view of the electric motor and batteries to the rear.

Real Motors Ares (motomondiale.it – Real Motors)

Also noteworthy is the saddle – covered in Alcantara – mounted in the tail with a suspended effect, with a slim integrated LED taillight. It also deserves more than a mention of the semi-lowered handlebar, small LCD screen, full fork guard with printed name, single disc brakes with ByBre calipers from Brembo and black alloy wheels with 17-inch wheels. We still know very little about what represents a truly special creation in all respects, but talking about some other details we discover that the weight of the mtoo in running order is 190 kg.

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The two-wheeled bike can accelerate from 0 to 100 in less than 4 seconds. Autonomy is 160 km It takes thirty minutes (10-80%) to recharge lithium-ion batteries. In terms of actual performance, the Ares should be equivalent to a conventional motorcycle with a displacement of between 700 and 900 cc. In any case, the waiting list for this car has already been opened, and the first models are expected to be ready in time for 2025. The price is about 20,000 euros. Considering the aesthetic and technical characteristics, it is definitely worth it.

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