The size of the myth? A major producer of Playground Games – . is getting involved

The size of the myth?  A major producer of Playground Games – . is getting involved

After the alleged rumors Resize From myth And the problems that Playground games will go through in the course of development, one great product From the British team Intervened On Twitter to provide some clarification.

While she didn’t exactly respond to the rumors spread yesterday by an unverified source and unprecedented in reliability, Amy (that’s the name of the number one producer on Twitter) wanted Explain some aspects of development of the game, particularly in relation to the exploratory analysis of the project.

“I wanted to clarify something about him Exploratory study: This is a normal, necessary and healthy part of game development, I can guarantee that any Triple A game I’ve played has gone through this process regularly. Scoping During development,” the Playground developer wrote.

“The intent is to make sure the whole team is focused on one clear vision and that they can perceive that without having to kill themselves. Games that don’t go through these phases properly often end up with delays and crushes, both of which we want. We avoid.”

So it is not a single issue denial Addressing the rumors that were reported yesterday, but an explanation of some of the development stages needed to ensure the health of the project and the development team, stressing in any case that the work is going as planned. In this case, “scoping” is a process performed periodically during game development, especially in mass production, with the intent of making an analysis of what contents to add or not to add based on timing of work and available resources, often to avoid delays or resort to crunches, or to adopt alternative technical solutions.

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It is possible that the producer, seeing the numerous articles with warning tones that have appeared in the past few hours, wanted to launch soothing signal While not responding directly to the advantages, also because for individual developers it is usually best to avoid getting bogged down in comments on rumors.

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