Sonego ko, now on Musetti LIVE Square

Sonego ko, now on Musetti LIVE Square

4.45 p.m

Musetti-Barrere: Blue win the first set (6-3)

second half to Musetti thus won the first set against Bariri: The Frenchman, who is down 15-40, saves the first break point but not the second So the blue closes the first set at 6-3.


Musetti-Barrere: 5-3 for blue in the first set

Barrere and Sinner carry the service: nIn the first set, the score was 5-3 In favor of the blue, who found the break in the fifth game. Now we will need French.

4:34 p.m

Musetti holds serve: 4-2 on Barrere

after He nullifies a ball from Musetti’s counter-break Maintain service for benefits and He takes it to 4-2 in the first set of the challenge against Bariri.


Musetti, good serve and then the first half: 3-2 on Barrere

Musetti’s acceleration against Bariri: Blue carries the transmission and then finds the breakby defeating the Frenchman 3-2 in the first set.

4:16 p.m

No break in the beginning: Bariri leads Musetti 2-1

Balanced start In the match between Musetti and Barrere: French in the lead 2-1 in the first set Against 21-year-old Blue.

4:11 p.m

Barrere holds serve: 1-0 on Musetti

Barrere served first In the match against MusettiThe Frenchman takes advantage of his role in serving and wins the first match. making it 1-0.

4:07 p.m

Warming up for Musetti and Barrere

Musetti and Barrere They are heating up And soon the challenge between the two will begin: Even snatching the pass to the quarter-finals of the ATP 250 in StuttgartWhoever wins will face the winner in the next match between the Czech Lehecka and the American Tiafoe.

4:02 p.m

Now it’s up to Musetti v. Barrere

Now it’s up Lorenzo Musetti (No. 17 ATP), who in the round of 16 in Stuttgart achieved the first victory on grass in his career by overcoming Croatian Borna Gogo and soon He will challenge Gregoire Barrier in the round of 16. The 29-year-old Frenchman (ATP 58) promises to be a tough opponent who has knocked out a turf specialist like owner Oscar Ottey in two quick sets. There are no precedents Between 21 years of Carrara and Bariri.

3.45 p.m

Hurkacz fights ahead: Watanuki Ko in third set tiebreak

success Comeback and fight for Hubert Hurkacz vs. Yosuke Watanuki: After losing the first set (4-6), the 26-year-old Pole (No. 14 ATP) managed the tie-breakers for the next two parts, thus eliminating the 25-year-old Japanese (No. 121 ATP). Hurkacz in the quarter-finals of the ATP 250 in Stuttgart He will challenge 29-year-old Australian Christopher O’Connell (n. 74 atb) which has Get rid of Lorenzo Sonego’s blue.

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3:29 p.m

Hurkacz-Watanuki: 5-5 in the third set

No break in the third set of the match between Hurkacz and Watanuki: now the result is 5-5 with the Japanese will serve.

3:10 p.m

Hurkacz-Watanuki: The Japanese lead 3-2 in the third set

Like the first two groups, the third group of The challenge is between Hurkacz and Watanuki It’s all about balance: No break in the first five games, with The Japanese are ahead of the Polish 3-2.

2:46 p.m

Hurkacz did well on the tiebreaker: he went for third with Watanuki

The second set of the match between Hurkacz and Watanuk: Pole prevails (7-5) and thus returns to par after giving up the first set to the Japanese and Extend the challenge to the third group.

2:31 p.m

Hurkacz-Watanuki: 5-4 in the second set

Balance continues in the second set of the challenge between Hurkacz and Watanuki: After the first set won by the Japanese (6-4) there have been no breaks yet and the pole is leading 5-4.

2:18 p.m

Hurkacz-Watanuki: 3-2 in the second set

balanced start e There are no breaks in the first five matches From the second group between Hurkacz and Watanuki: 3-2 lead Pole who lost the first set (4-6)..

1:58 p.m

In Watanuki first set: 6-4 in Hurkacz

Rough start to Hurkacz In the match against Watanuki: The Japanese have actually found broke in the ninth inning And after going to serve in the match, he finished the match 6-4 in your favor the first set.

1.25 p.m

Sonego, now there is an ATP 500 in Halle

After the knockout in Stuttgart against O’Connell now Sonego will be preparing for the ATP 500 in HalleHe is still in Germany, where he will be back on the field next week and will be Another blue sinner is also at the start.

1:01 p.m

O’Connell wins the match: 7-6, 6-3!

The Australian closes the match and enters the third round of the Stuttgart tournament. For Sonego, some regrets in a match that saw O’Connell excel above all thanks to his serve


O’Connell puts the break: 5-3

Sonego isn’t serving at his best and the Australian expands his pace at the crucial moment of the match: now he serves in the match


O’Connell still leads: 4-3

Unplayable by Sonego, the Australian admits nothing to the Italian tennis player


Sonego is there, the game is up to scratch: 3-3

Blue raises his game, puts two aces and rebalances the game

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The service facilitates O’Connell’s game: 3-2

The Australian once again takes advantage of serving time to finish the match without problems in his favour


Songo follows the Australian 2-2

Blue wins the fourth match of the second set, at the moment the match is completely even


O’Connell exploits serve: 2-1

The Australian doesn’t allow Sonego space and makes the most of his batting session


Sonego stays on Australian heels

Blue wins the second match of the second match: 1-1


O’Connell wins the first game

The Australian makes the most of his innings and surges forward into the second over


Sonego loses the first set in a tiebreaker

Sonego’s tiebreaker started up straight away, with a double fault. The Italian immediately manages to recover and move to 1-1, but the Australian makes good use of his second serve and leads 2-1. Returning to serve, Turini makes the pass, complete with the sixth ball of the game. In O’Connell’s next innings, the small breaker reaches the Blues, who remain ahead 4-3. Then he misses a backhand on his first serve, but with a seventh header he takes a 5-4 lead. Another sensational error immediately afterwards allows the Australian to go up 5-5. He doesn’t even drop his second serve and goes 6-5, on his first match point. An opportunity not to be missed by O’Connell, who wins the first set and closes the tie-break 7-5 after an hour and 16 minutes of play.


O’Connell keeps no serve: goes to tie-break

Pure O’Connell kept serve to zero. The match then continues until the tie-break.


Sonego went up 6-5 in the first set

He kept his Sonego serve to naught and secured at least a tiebreaker, lifting himself to 6-5 in a tough set so far.


O’Connell restarts and goes up 5-5

The Australian doesn’t seem to be affected by his right knee problem and takes 5-5 thanks to a 4 over as well.


O’Connell calls for the intervention of a physical therapist

Right knee problems O’Connell, who requested the intervention of a physical therapist For a blow he suffered during the match with Sonego.


Sonego eliminates two break points and goes up 5-4

with two excellent firsts, Sonego negated the most O’Connell break points (1st from the Australian) after being under 15-40. With 4 straight points, the Italian moved forward again and went up 5-4 in the first set.

11:57 a.m

Still even: O’Connell goes up 4-4

Another double fault by O’Connell, but he conceded it when leading 40-0. Soon after, he finished the match with a backhand on the line Which allowed him to go 4-4.

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11:52 a.m

Sonego Lightning Game: 4-3

It is not conditional on unconverted break points and in Sonego Lightning takes a 4-3 gameleaving O’Connell aimless


3 more break points Sonego didn’t capitalize: O’Connell went up 3-3

After another match of tremendous struggle, O’Connell (who also admitted his first double fault of the match) found himself at 3-3, holding serve and Another three break point cancellation for Sonego.


Sonego takes 3-2

He may still be conditioned by the previous game’s foul that prevented him from taking the first half, Sonego concedes a lot to O’Connell (very good and accurate with his backhand), but still managed to keep the serve in his favour, making it 3-2.


Sonego misses two break points: 2-2

after Two break points canceled out by Sonego (an incredible foul by the Italian in the second)O’Connell was able to hold serve to make it 2-2.


Perfect match, Sonego takes it 2-1

Perfect game for Lorenzo Sonego, who holds his serve leaving O’Connell zero and going to change the field at 2-1 in the first set.


O’Connell replies: 1-1 in the first set

He mistook the path of O’Connell’s last passer, Lorenzo Sonego, who Let the ball slide to 30-40 and give the Australian the point to make it 1-1 in the first group.


Sonego wins the first match

Excellent start for Lorenzo Sonego, aggressive and proactive right away. The Italian holds serve in the first matchO’Connell’s Australian departure closed on the 15th.


Sonego and O’Connell are on the field to warm up

ready Lorenzo Sonego (No. 41 in the world) to start his match against Australian O’Connell (74).. The two tennis players, with the chair umpire, proceeded to draw lots to choose which half of the court they would start on.

10:31 a.m

Stuttgart, Songo and Musetti play the round of 16

important day for The two Italians are still competing at the ‘Stuttgart Open’, the ATP tournament in Stuttgart. – “Boss Open”, with 718,410 euros in prize money – reached the round of 16, and Lorenzo Sonego, after knocking out Matteo Berrettini, will have to deal with Australian Christopher O’Connell (match starts at 11). Musetti, however, has his match scheduled for 3pm and he will have to face Frenchman Gregoire Barrier.


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