Nintendo Switch seems to be the most popular gaming console of all time –

Nintendo Switch seems to be the most popular gaming console of all time –

According to a study Next day deliveryAnd Nintendo Switch and the The most popular Ever to average Units sold annually from launch day. Nintendo’s latest creatures has positioned itself above the Nintendo DS and PS4, which follow in second and third places, respectively.

The Nintendo Switch sold 90.54 million units in its four years of production, with an average of 22.64 million units sold annually. For comparison, the Nintendo DS sold 154.9 million units in 9 years of production, averaging 17.21 million units annually, while the PS4 sold 116.44 million units over 8 years of production, averaging 14.56 million units sold annually.

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It must be said that the study has a fundamental flaw, which is to make just a mathematical average between the units sold in general and years of production. In fact, he compares incomparable timeframes, because with this system it is natural that the higher the console production, the lower the average annual units sold, since sales of the last years of life do not usually are never excellent (see, for Example, PS4).

It was interesting to do a study based on homogeneous periods, for example by comparing what all consoles did in the first four years of their life. So, for example, we were avoiding the Sega Genesis in the penultimate position, since it’s been in the market for 11 years, and we were avoiding seeing the PS5 and Xbox Series X in the rankings, since they’ve only been around for a year.

It must also be said that many consoles, especially those of the past, appeared unevenly in various regions, so it is completely inappropriate to think only of pure sales. However, there is no doubt that the Nintendo Switch is a hugely popular and popular console that continues to drive sales, both with hardware and games. This is indisputable.

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