What to eat to lose weight and reduce stress according to science

What to eat to lose weight and reduce stress according to science

Food and its effects on our health have been the subject of scientific studies for decades. Every day we learn about the properties of food and understand how they can help us solve many problems. Or to prevent others, even the serious. Today we will delve into this topic and find out what to eat to lose weight and at the same time fight stress. credit is one Search American relative to the so-called “crisis effect”.

Eating crunchy foods appears to have significant calorie-reducing effects

The relationship between the brain and nutrition is now well established. just think of The protective effects of certain foods on brain cells. However, researchers from two American universities have discovered another link between diet and the brain. That is, those who slowly eat crunchy foods while paying attention to the chewing noises can result in fewer calories being consumed. More or less 30% less than those who are distracted by music, television and other sounds during meals.

The research team called this the “crisis effect.” And it opened the way for more ideas about the relationship between the act of eating and brain reactions.

Effects of crunchy foods on the brain

One of these ideas came a long way. University of Ball scientists studied the effects of eating crunchy foods on mood. They found that this type of food can increase serotonin production. This is the primary hormone for regulating mood and controlling appetite.

What to eat to lose weight and reduce stress according to science

The results of the two previous searches will require further confirmation and are not definitive. Especially as they looked at crunchy snacks and their effects on the brain. In fact, these foods and foods should always be eaten in moderation and with great care.

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Many of them, in fact, fall into the category of so-called “fast food”. Food that is likely to have extremely harmful effects on the health of an organism. Fortunately for us, not all crunchy foods are part of “fast food.” Dried fruits, fresh fruits, oil seeds, and vegetables that we can eat raw are a great option if we want to focus on crunch.

It is clear that even in this case it is necessary not to abuse it. Even healthy foods have contraindications. As always, the best option is to have it followed by a valid doctor or nutritionist before changing our diet.

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