NUNZIO O CRYTICAL, Who Killed Friends 2022? / Rapper Pettinelli is out

NUNZIO O CRYTICAL, Who Killed Friends 2022?  / Rapper Pettinelli is out

Crytical eliminated at 4pm Amici 2022

It’s time for a quarter to two tonight Friends 2022. The boys come home, and before knowing the outcome of the last challenge, Nunzio sings and dances, on the other hand, Crytical comes out: “I can’t be what I want, I like to be able to give more. I can’t always be on top, when I feel like something I couldn’t hit him.” Then comes Maria De Filippi’s voice to give the name of the excluded, Crytical. His tears were crying but Maria immediately gave him good news: “Stash asked me to tell you if you would like to open his concerts.” He is speechless and too happy to suggest: “It would be my honor!” admits. Then say goodbye to everyone and leave Amici House 21 (Update by Ana Montesano)

Bad blow to Crytical

real victory for Zerbe and Celentano in this quarter Amici evening 2022. Masters challenged Kocarini and Todaro twice, one Piparini and Bettenelli, with three wins out of three. If in the second round they decided to send Nunzio to the ballot, which was voted on by the jury, the third saw the last three students remaining on the team of Peparini and Pettinelli competing against each other. Albe, Crytical, and Dario all submitted once to give the jury a chance to finally savor their skills. The first to return to competition for the three jurors was Dario, followed by Albee. Critical So it ended in the final ballot against Nunzio. The two play the second round of Elimination tonight but before the outcome is known, they must perform again in the studio. (Updated by Anna Montesano)

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Nunzio ends up on the ballot

Success for Alessandra Celentano and Rudi Zerbi during the fourth Amici evening 2022He wins two runs out of two. After Aisha is eliminated, Team Kokarini and Todaro return to the ballot. In the center of the studio this time, dancers Nunzio and Serena are called and Alex returns with them, who is saved in the first half against Aisha. At the end of the premieres, Alex was the first student to be saved by the jury. Nunzio and Serena stayed in the race and this time the jury decided to save Serena. ambassador, Therefore, he returns to the final ballot for the third time. Will he be able to save himself from a final elimination this time, too? (Updated by Anna Montesano)

Nunzio and Criticale in the 2022 Amici Ballot

There is, too fourth evening Evening friends 2022 It will be characterized by double elimination. Today, April 9, 2022, the students remaining in the race are preparing to face three new qualifying rounds, at the end of which two boys will have to permanently abandon the program and the possibility of winning an Amici 21. We remind you that the first of these names will be released at the end of the first heat; The second will reach the conclusion of the final challenge between the second and third heat elimination timer.

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Nunzio and Critical Are both names at risk of deleting the fourth name? Evening friends 2022. Nunzio is nothing new on the ballot: Latin dancer Raimundo Todaro, the only one left from this discipline, is back at risk after saving himself against Leonardo last week. Also for Critical, pupil of Anna Pettinelli, this is not the first time on the ballot (he saved himself against Christian).

Nunzio or Critical, who was eliminated at 4th Evening Amici 2022?

As happened last year, also in this edition of Evening friends 2022 The remover will not be revealed live but at home at the end of the episode. At the end of the qualifiers, all students will be sent home and there Maria de Filippi will reach out at the end of the jury vote to announce the name of the eighth eliminated from the evening of 21 Amici. To leave school and race? According to VicolodelleNews’s preview, he appears to be the one who left Amici 21 Critical. Therefore, Bettenelli lost one of her singers to the competition.

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