AP-7 and N-2 plots in Alt Empordà, A-2 and AP-2 in Ponent

the Catalan peasants The tractors are once again out on the roads, highways and highways to make their noise heard. Platform Pisa revolution Cuts have been called across the country and Parades with tractors At different points of Border with France.

The AP-7 and N-2 in Alt Empordà, and the AP-2 and A-2 in the Ponente regions are the main roads affected.

AP-7 was cut off in the morning at Alt Empordà

Farmers decided to introduce the planned AP-7 cut at a height Pontos, in alternative EmpordàTo avoid confrontations with the police. It was cut off shortly after midnight and They unloaded six trucks Loaded with fruits and vegetables coming from Morocco.

Protesting farmers in Alt Empordà unloaded several Moroccan trucks heading north

In the southern direction, vehicles stranded on the AP-7 Highway are diverted via Exit No. 4; And in the northern direction via Exit 5. The Mossos d'Esquadra made many people get off in the opposite direction Trucks detained in the northern direction So they can get off the highway.

Peasants They also cut N-2 At the same point in Alt Empordà. In the north, diversions are made towards GI-623 and in the south towards C-31 and C-26.

Farmers distribute wheels and straw in the middle of the AP-7 highway in Pontos, in the Alte Empordà region, as part of a new, unspecified cutting operation.

These discounts Causes significant retention In several sections of N-2, C-26, N-2a, C-31, and GI-263.

Farmers block roads A-2 and AP-2 in Ponent

From 8:30 a.m. for farmers as well They blocked the A-2 motorway in Tarija In both directions and diverting traffic within the city. According to the organizers, they are gathering there uns 400 tractors Participants want to be there indefinitely.

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Farmers who blocked the A-2 road in Tàrrega had breakfast in the middle of the highway and will remain there indefinitely (3Cat)

At around 9 a.m., about 300 farmers from Lida also cut their crops The A-2 and AP-2 motorways in SoussAlthough the Mossos warned them that they would not let them access the highway with tractors. at this point, Farmers distributed apples For trapped drivers.

The AP-2 highway in Suss, in Sigria, was closed in both directions as part of a day of farmers' protests.

Farmers also blocked the highway A-22 to LleidaAnd the roads N-240 in Almaquiles I N-230 in Al-Faras, In the Segrià area. In Alt Urgell they closed the road C-14 in Basel The reduction was also scheduled forN-230 in Les BordesIn Pont de Suert.

Closing the border with France with tractors

Farmers and shepherds gathered in the early hours of the night to take tractor tours throughout the Catalan lands, especially with the aim of… booked up Border crossings with France.

Farmers and ranchers from Cerdania, Alt Urgell and Berguida They participated in several slow marches and ended up meeting at the Puigcerdà fairground with the aim of cutting the N-152 at the border.

Farmers and ranchers from Cerdanya, Bergueda and Alt Urgell block the border in Buixerda with tractors (3Cat)

Farmers also blocked the border crossing C-38 in Col DaresWhich joins the districts of Ripolis and Valesper.

Farmers block the Col Dares River, which connects the provinces of Ripolis and Valesper (ACN/Jordi Borràs)

Concentrations in Tarragona and Barcelona

a TarragonaOne hundred tractors arrived from the farmers of Plataforma Pagesa del Camp de Tarragona, from the Alt Camp, and the Conca de Barberà and Baix Camp gathered in front of A delegation from the Climate Action Department

After reading the statement They ended up throwing eggs and tomatoes Against the Mossos d'Esquadra officers guarding the building. At noon, they'll do one Slow walk to the sub-delegation of the Spanish Government, in Plaza Imperial Tarraco.

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Farmers throw eggs and tomatoes to Mossos d'Esquadra agents in Tarragona (3Cat)

Farmers from Barcelones, Baix Llobregat and Valles are called to the fore Climate Action Department headquarters in BarcelonaThey will meet with Counselor David Mascourt at 3 p.m.

advocacy platform, Pisa revolutionIt calls for urgent measures to confront the crisis in the agricultural sector and has the support of French farmer organizations.

Purpose of protests: to demand less bureaucracy, to reject Unfair competition Of imports that do not meet EU standards as well Violations of the food chain lawWhich means that the high prices that the consumer suffers from are not reflected on the farmer.

Hundreds of tractors block the A-2 highway in Tarija in both directions

This new packaging comes after Agriculture and livestock sector protests A Several European countries Which started a month ago and which also arrived in Catalonia with Historic tractor trip Which Barcelona collapsed on February 7.

Protests and road closures have been repeated in recent weeks. This particular Monday 900 coaches from different countries traveled to Brussels To express their dissatisfaction with the branch ministers meeting, they led a protest that shut down the city and witnessed some tense moments with the police.

Catalan farmers are taking their tractors out on the roads once again to make their voices heard

Farmers Union calls

For its part, the majority union in the sector said, Farmers Unionadded with calls for this Tuesday, but also For Wednesday and Thursday At the same points.

This is the union that he has transcended The content of the platform Who leads the mobilization, mentions that in some cases, such as in border demarcation GironaSomething ha coordinator

The platform, since its inception, has oscillated between categories Farming platform I Pisa revolutionIt appears he will choose adoption in the future This is the second name.

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Representative of the Spanish Government in Catalonia, Carlos BritoHe asked farmers to avoid collapse of all connected roads Spain with France Say goodbye to themCompetes with alternatives“.

They threaten to make indefinite cuts if they don't respond

The platform went public Claims What he wants to present at Tuesday’s meeting with the government: to agree to it Agreements What they reached in the first meeting On February 14th.

They propose new negotiating points to be agreed upon: You help the vine, the olive tree, and the dried fruitselect Application Food chain lawAnd agreeing on quick solutions Impact on wildlife.

They are also calling on the department to restore the nameAgriculture, livestock and fishingIn addition to the dismissal of two officialsCatalan Water Agencyexit, Samuel ReyesI Jordi Molest.

They claim that at Tuesday's meeting they don't carethey will keep the discounts At the border until the measures they demand are taken.

That too If the possessed expels them Of the ways to pass traffic, it will General call For this Wednesday 28 in Barcelona In front of the department.

The farmers of Birgueda were slowly walking to Buixerda to cross the border

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