Brent Ray Brewer, the latest lethal injection to shake the United States of America

Brent Ray Brewer, the latest lethal injection to shake the United States of America

Brent Ray Brewer (53 years old), who for years opposed the death sentence issued against him, which he described as “unjust and based on false accusations,” was executed yesterday by lethal injection in Texas, in the southern United States. He had been sentenced to death in 1991 for killing a man during a robbery in 1990. At Huntsville State Prison, doctors pronounced him dead at 6.39pm local time (1.39am last night in Italy), 15 minutes after lethal chemicals were injected into his body. . . According to the investigation, the victim, Robert Laminack, 66, was riding with Brewer and his girlfriend in his car when he was stabbed in the neck and robbed of $140.

Execution of Brent Ray Brewer

The execution of Brent Ray Brewer comes a few hours after the Federal Supreme Court decided not to interfere in another request from the convicted man’s lawyer, according to which the sentence was reached on the basis of false accusations and testimony that did not appear to be very credible. . The death penalty was overturned by the United States Supreme Court in 2007. After it was decided that the jury did not receive enough information about the case. The Supreme Court found that jurors were not allowed to give sufficient weight to factors that might have led them to impose a life sentence rather than death. His lawyers said Brewer was abused as a child and suffered from mental illness, factors that jurors could not take into account.

But then the death penalty was confirmed during a new trial, which began in 2009, and was based on the testimony of a psychiatrist, a finding that was not particularly credible. Brewer’s lawyers say that during the sentencing review process, the specialist lied and declared, without any scientific basis, that Brewer would pose a future danger to society.

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Brewer’s fate was never changed again

Brewer’s fate did not change again until lethal injection. “We are deeply shocked that the court refused – announced Sean Nolan, one of the defense lawyers – to execute Brewer without him having the opportunity to defend himself.” Last Tuesday, the prison committee, which could have blocked the execution of the sentence, voted unanimously to confirm the death penalty. Brewer, who was 19 at the time, said he had been a model prisoner all these years, never involved in any violence, while trying to “become a better person” by participating in a series of religious programs aimed at convicts. . until death.

Brewer has long expressed his “remorse” for the murder and his desire to apologize to Laminack’s family: “I will never be able to repay or replace the pain I have caused you,” Brewer wrote in a letter to Laminack’s family as part of his request for clemency. “I come to you with true humility and sincere heart and ask for your forgiveness.” To the Parole Board.

He is the seventh prisoner in Texas and the twenty-first in the United States to be executed in 2023.

“Even though it’s been 33 years, I don’t even know where to start. How can you fix something that can’t be fixed? The 53 year old man now is not the 19 year old he was in April 1990. I don’t even know this guy. How do you explain stabbing someone and then running away? When you’re 19 or 20 and you’re confused, or you’re doing drugs, or you’re drinking, or you’re hanging out with the wrong people, you don’t have a real value system. I guess you would call it a moral compass. “I recovered in the county jail and realized I had done something I couldn’t undo, and I had to live with it every day.”

A recent message from Brent Brewer

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