Igualadin residents rated the cleaning and municipal waste collection service with 7.41

Igualadin residents rated the cleaning and municipal waste collection service with 7.41

The latest cleaning and waste collection satisfaction survey gave an average score of 7'41 for the service provided by the City Council. This is a survey conducted by the external company Psyma among a sample of more than 300 people registered in the city.

Environmental consultant, Jordi Marcy, confirmed that the aim of this study is to obtain a global assessment of the road cleaning and waste collection services provided in the city in order to know the strengths and weaknesses and those aspects that must be improved.

The survey asked several aspects such as: comprehensive evaluations of the containers such as frequency and times of use, use and evaluation of litter boxes or satisfaction with the level of cleaning service. Finally, opinion was also collected on aspects related to incivility.

One of the key statements that Councilor Jordi Marcy wanted to highlight was the overall rating of the cleaning and waste collection services, which received an average score of 7.41 out of 10. Marcy believes it is “a good rating with such a lively and responsive service for waste collection and cleaning. And it works.” The department strives to maintain quality service, speed and effectiveness, which can efficiently solve daily problems that may arise.”

Regarding containers, interviewees rated between 9 and 10 the amount of containers present and the distance they are located, and more than half considered the cleanliness of the containers to be significantly rated between 7 and 8.

Satisfaction with garbage disposal

The survey shows good satisfaction data regarding the waste disposal service: 97.4% are satisfied with the attention received by the fixed waste disposal station and 98.8% with the mobile service. The use and knowledge of these equipment and services has also increased. 56.2% use fixed waste and 31.9% mobile, in this case the percentage increased compared to 2022, which was 18.8%.

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63.1% believe that aspects related to waste and waste separation are adequately studied.

Regarding the evaluation of satisfaction with the road cleaning service itself, the overall evaluation of the service is 7.76 (more than 30% of participants rated it between 9 and 10).

There are good reviews for the graffiti cleaning service with a rating of 7.12 and also for special cleaning services at events such as the Reis or Triple Tombs with a good rating from 85.6% of respondents.

In the civility section, the most prominent uncivil acts detected were throwing litter on the ground in parks and green areas (62%), dog feces (61.9%), and littering next to containers (47.1%) from the city council. Jordi Marcy noted that “we will continue to act.” In the line of providing high-quality and effective service and working on the aspect of training and awareness of the population through campaigns, talks and the work of civilian agents.”

Jordi Marcy explained that this data will be used to continue maintaining the quality of the cleaning and waste collection service. At the same time, it is the data that will also allow progress towards the new model of waste collection that should ensure less waste generation as well as a higher recycling rate. A change that will reduce the impact of waste on our environment and higher protection for the planet.

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