Fires, Chemical Weapons, and Mysterious Deaths: The Forgotten History of American Veterans

Fires, Chemical Weapons, and Mysterious Deaths: The Forgotten History of American Veterans

to handle events ancient warrior In the United States, it is a very delicate and complex matter. From the time of Korea until Conflicts in Iraq and AfghanistanDealing with post-traumatic stress and chronic illness as well as a crowd of neglected youth draped in an American flag was often a source of embarrassment as well as exasperation. With this collection of ghosts by Tom Jawad, the American system has never been lenient, and the streets of America often inhabit the archetype of the self-abandoned veteran: often a victim of alcoholism, prey to psychotic syndromes, of no kind. Health care and the margins of society.

Chemicals in Iraq

But for those lucky enough to get the skin back home and overcome what a hundred years ago were called “howitzers,” many other scars remain: those chronic diseases due to exposure Chemicals serious about war modern. Joe Bidento deal a masterful blow, recently signed PACT . Law, the most significant expansion of benefits and services for veterans exposed to toxic substances in more than 30 years. Although the rule can go to consider a range of situations, ranging from exposure toorange client In flames, that’s the case Iraq that put pressure on American politics.

It was in November 2014 when the Pentagon at least admitted 600 cases of exposure to chemicals in the Iraqi theater. More than 600 U.S. military service members since 2003 have, in fact, reported members of military medical staff that they believe they have been exposed to chemical warfare agents, but at the time the Pentagon did not acknowledge the size of the cases reported. Appropriate monitoring and treatment were not provided to those who were exposed. The bomb exploded on the pages of a file The New York Times He recounted how, although the forces did not find the infamous active WMD program at the site, they did discover degraded chemical weapons from the 1980s that were hidden or used in improvised bombs. After Iraq invaded Iran on September 22, 1980, in fact, Saddam Hussein She began buying American-made artillery shells made in European countries and later filled with chemicals in Iraq.

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The story of the ancient warriors

And the famous newspaper had revealed 17 cases of soldiers who were exposed to sarin gas or “…sulfur mustard“The cases became 25 until they became a few hundred. One was immediately equipped hot line Post-mission observational questionnaires were enhanced. The veterans told of the many ailments he suffered upon return, among them asthma, psoriasis, and milder tremors. The statements of many of them were considered unreliable and underestimated. The same for those who received the agents directly on the skin, and who left redness and scars: nothing shocking considering that mustard gas, commonly known as mustard, has been wreaking havoc on soldiers’ bodies since World War I. In at least one confirmed case a Request a maskIn order to prevent the episode from being mentioned “due to the task classification”.

The first names that came out were the issues that could no longer be silenced. like one of Michael Yandel, which claimed in 2004 that it had been exposed to sarin gas from a 152mm sarin twin projectile. After receiving poor medical care, he was sent back to the field when he began experiencing long-term symptoms from exposure to nerve agents. Medical records from late 2004 described memory lapses, reading difficulties, balance problems, and tingling in the legs. “They put a gag order on all of us: security details, us, the clinic, everyone,” said one anonymous veteran. “We were advised to tell family members that we had been exposed to ‘industrial chemicals’ because our case is classified as top secret.” In July 2008, six Marines reported exposure to mustard gas from an artillery shell. On August 16, 2008, five soldiers were exposed to mustard gas while destroying an arms depot. The pimples on their skin were huge in size. Besides them, seven Iraqi police officers were hit by dozens of M110 mustard shells found near the Tigris River.

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Not just chemical agents: what they areburning hole

Besides traditional chemical agents, soldiers on duty and veterans, especially so-called “burning holeUntil the mid-2010s, combustion pits were commonly used in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere for the disposal of waste collected on military bases. This included items that produced dangerous toxic smoke when burned, such as plastics, rubber, chemical mixtures, and medical waste. In In some locations, the fires were real mass operations. At Balad Joint Base – one of the largest military bases in Iraq – the fire pit covered nearly 10 acres, with the resulting smoke passing over the entire base as the winds changed. In 2008, the magazine Military Times Military personnel returning from war zones began to be reported with unusual respiratory illnesses that they believed were related to toxic fumes.

Since then, numerous studies and reports have suggested links between poor air quality and rare cancers that are present in increasing numbers among post-9/11 veterans. The mod took air from this base and found particulates, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), toxic halogenated organic dioxins and furans. All of these substances can cause serious damage to the respiratory system, skin, central nervous system and cardiovascular system. More specifically, chronic respiratory conditions have been associated with exposure to particulate matter. Many forms of cancer have also been linked to dioxins. The main dioxin released from combustion pits is TCDD, which is also a major orange poisonous agent. TCDD has been linked to cancer and other serious diseases. The Ministry of Defense estimated that Nearly 3.5 million soldiers Recent wars may have had enough exposure to smoking to cause health problems. In March 2015, an apology came from the military: “The scandal is that we have protocols in place and the medical community knows what they are, but in some cases we haven’t been able to implement them across the stage.”

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Now, PACT will only infinitely relieve the pain of veterans and their families. Ironically, Joe Biden is precisely one of the parents who may have lost their son to all of this: Since Vice President Barack Obama, in fact, has claimed that he believes the toxins in smoke from the burning waste of the military can Americans in Iraq and overseas facilities. Others may “play an important role” in the pathogenesis of veterans’ cancer. his son BoD., a former Delaware attorney general, died at age 46 in May 2015 of glioblastoma multiforme, the most common form of brain cancer: He served in both Kosovo and Iraq.

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