Antonino Spinalbes, Goodbye Belen. Now it’s official: “He’s with Giulia Turdini”

Antonino Spinalbes, Goodbye Belen.  Now it’s official: “He’s with Giulia Turdini”

There is no longer any doubt: Antonino Spinalbes and Giulia Turdini hang around. To reveal this, photographers who filmed some moments of the couple together on the streets Milan. Between one hug and another, a stroll and a quick kiss, the bond now seems to be official.

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Antonino Spinalpizzi, in an interview with weekly Chi, said he was looking for “something that makes me feel good”. And Antonino seems to have found something in it: spending time with jewelry line creator Lida Madeira and life as a father. The two, in the video posted on Whoopsee, walk next to each other, chat, and hug each other when they can, and the model also allows for a step-by-step kiss. Moments of normality, which arrive after a weekend spent together at the seaside, away from the chaos of the city, which describe two young men in intimate, but not excessive situations, who may be improving their acquaintances and gradually entering their realms.
His former partner, Belen, is now oblivious, back in the arms of Stefano Di Martino, on their myriad closeness. “This time I hope it lasts forever,” the former hairdresser stated in an interview with Alfonso Signorini’s weekly, emphasizing his interest in the happiness and calm of children, not only Santiago, the couple’s son, but also the little Luna Maru. The only relationships she still has with Rodriguez is only about the child.

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