Bitter Earth, advancing September 12-16, 2022

Bitter Earth, advancing September 12-16, 2022

Hunkar forces Sermin to apologize to Gulten: it was not she who stole the jewels. Willy is summoned before the blind Akef. Hanker would like to take Sunny to the gynecologist, but she – who lied about her pregnancy – is forced to pretend she was wrong. Yilmaz, on Zuleha’s birthday, is drowning in sad memories as she celebrates with Demir, who gives her a red car.

When Demir is elected president of the Chamber of Industry, not without suspicion of fraud, Fakili calls on his son not to be discouraged and to fight for the ultimate victory. At the hospital, Sabahattin learns that Gavur has been caught trying to suffocate Yilmaz with a pillow, and confronts him imagining Demir as the instigator. The consequences are obvious: Demir expels Gafur and Sani and expels them from the estate. But the two, with some savings, try to enjoy this free time as if it were a vacation. Gaffur corrupts Sunny and conveys his desire to open his own business.

Earth Spoiler Bitter: Zuleiha tells Sermin that she wants to escape with her son

Yilmaz faces a political defeat against Demir, who was elected president of the Chamber of Industry by one vote. Meanwhile, in the villa, Hunkar warns Sermin of Veli’s death. Zuleiha notes Sermin’s desperation, who was forced to reveal to her that she was having an affair with the man, but was deceived. Gafur and Sunny are in dire straits after they lost all their money in a pickpocket. They will have to seek refuge in the home of Sona, Ghafoor’s aunt. However, Sani can no longer stand the situation and issues an ultimatum to her husband: if she fails to persuade the Yemen family to return them to live in the villa, she will leave him. This will cause Javor to act hopelessly, even threatening Hunkar.

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While Zleiha and Sermin were driving, the car broke down and Yilmaz repaired it. Sermin will tell the facts to Hunkar and modify them in such a way that she becomes suspicious of Zuleiha’s loyalty to Demir. Zuleiha can no longer stand the behavior of her husband, who considers her a simple thing to show off. Jafur and Sani return to the palace, but for now, Demir doesn’t know. However, Zuleiha knows that Gulten did not send her letters to Yilmaz when she was in prison, so he rejects her as a friend.

Yilmaz is planning a business trip to Istanbul, and Zliha tells Sermin that she wants to escape with her son to Istanbul. Sermin immediately tells it to Demir, who runs with Hunkar to the airport and there they see Yilmaz on the plane. Zeliha, however, is not there. He is in Nihal and Cengo’s house. Her fake escape is just a way to test how much her family trusts her. Fakeli attends a fundraising dinner for the Henker Association, where a hand-embroidered pillow designed by Zuleha is auctioned off. Surprisingly, Yilmaz makes a big financial offer to win it. Other developments for Terra amara on Telegram.

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