Another defeat, but at least with heart and dignity. Super Young Bianconeri, from Allegri’s mistrust and ratings are far from reality. Her seat is on a slope. Not only Meriti and Vagioli: write this name

Another defeat, but at least with heart and dignity.  Super Young Bianconeri, from Allegri’s mistrust and ratings are far from reality.  Her seat is on a slope.  Not only Meriti and Vagioli: write this name

From Andrea Bosco

So it will be the European League. In February, after the World Cup. Juventus, who won in the Champions League five defeats out of at least six matches against Paris Saint-Germain, played them with heart and dignity. He lost by analogy, against a formation whose artistic values ​​are too high for Madama’s current standards. But he struggled. Federico Chiesa returned home (for formation inevitably not yet), happy to applaud already during the announcement of the formations. Primarily against the powerful Prince of Paris Saint-Germain (the archenemy of the Premier League and Ceferin’s snack partner), Andrea Agnelli took it upon himself: confine the French to the Mbappe phenomenon and the old dragon Messi in second place in the group behind rampant Benfica: in the second round the French will face powerful opponents . Cause a negative target difference.

The Juventus fighter, despite the 12 absences, Kane’s last, was interrupted by the usual muscle strain in training. Juventus with three young players on the field: Gatti (who paid the price for Mbappe, but held out for the long haul), Meretti (who will be a midfielder at least 5/6 goals in the tournament when he adjusts his goal) and Fagioli, whose performance made him say (rightly) to those Who understand: Verratti who? For several minutes, the Argentine Barrenechea, a Methodist with a defensive attitude, played. Write this name: you will find it with the dress of the protagonist.

Now I hope no one comes to tell us that “Allegri is firing young men”. this is not true. Allegri was forced to recruit young men. And if he advances at that rate (with 16 pesky assistants whose disasters are now visible and intolerable at the Juventus infirmary), he will also have to involve some of Montero’s kids. This is against Paris Saint-Germain after he fell by two goals, for a change, a draw in the return.

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Now Allegri (who was right to say he was angry, but knew how much the fans were with him, because of the game and because of his many incomprehensible choices) has two potential ways to go. Or rely on some old gear (Bonucci does well with PSG, but Alex Sandro, Cuadrado, Rabio ‘coconut’ is definitely revisitable) for the rest of the season. Or continue to believe in youth.

Obviously, the attribute of the Church, Mary, to Pogba, once restored, cannot be discussed. But, although the young players are not champions, but only excellent players, it should not be forgotten that Rabiot will definitely sign for another club in January. Di Maria will return at the end of the season, as announced in Argentina. Cuadrado and Alex Sandro will be retired. Maybe with Rojani. This on young people is not a discussion about “goat wool”. It is well known that young people do not have – at the moment – the experience necessary to be permanent owners. It is also well established that the right combination is to combine two or three at once with experienced players. But it is equally true that Allegri should read “Guilt.” The distrust proved inappropriate. His ratings (as a man who coaches the team daily) are far from reality. Club selections (I think on coach’s advice) questionable. Apart from those he has at home (Fagioli, Gatti, Meriti, Elling, Soleil) Ruffella and Ranoccia Monza are doing well. And with them Pellegrini in Germany, de Winter, Cambiasso. Zacharias himself, who was hastily dismissed by (Allegri), made space for Chelsea: he had to return to Juventus in January. Hence, it will not be. I turned down an entire team. Juventus is covered by the goal. But if he gets the Carnesecchi, he will have a high probability. Probably the best in Italy, in future forecasts.

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It is the defense that Juventus will have to strengthen. Bonucci could continue as a noble father and as captain of the dressing room (unless disagreements with Allegri spur him to leave), Bremer will hopefully grow. like Gatti. And here: The “ready young man” in defense of Juventus serves like bread after Chiellini’s farewell and the sale of De Ligt. Plus (unfortunate to me) from Conte’s protection in force at Tottenham. And the seat? Allegri stands on an inclined plane. You will play the reconfirmation (net of his secured contract) day in and day out, game after game. We are in confrontation. A game in which not even a skilled poker player like Allegri can afford the luxury of bluffing. next step. Inter.

There was no need, but the usual sudden departure of Moratti Massimo at Calciopoli, raised morale. The race for decades was between opponents who could not stand each other. The cheering between factions is always hot. Old rust. But against Inter “the grudge” is always organized. Because of that packaging, there is no way to remove it from the Inter view interface. Thus, charging nine charges. Former President Kobule Gigli stated (if there is still a need) that “Inter made the investigation files disappear”. and so on. On this subject, I repeat the question: do they know in Turin that there is a court in Strasbourg?

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