Ferrari, new power unit idea for Leclerc in Miami – F1 Team – Formula 1

Ferrari, new power unit idea for Leclerc in Miami – F1 Team – Formula 1

The first three races of the season – Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Australia – may have made someone imagine a Ferrari in drive already, with Charles Leclerc, of this drivers’ title we haven’t seen in Maranello since 2007. But in a championship packed with 23 events, the twist is just around the corner. The weekend at Imola’s home was concerned with bringing the red team’s most ardent fans back to a fact that Cavallino’s men have never denied: F1-75 put red back on top, but to win there will be plenty of sweat. At Santerno, Max Verstappen nearly cut the gap that separated him from the world leader and Red Bull, putting reliability issues aside for once, winning 58 of the 59 points available between Sprint and the “traditional” race.

Design Miami’s new circuit, which in the section between Turn 3 and Turn 10 can remember certain sections of the Jeddah track that have a very long, straight background, seems to favor Red Bull’s speed characteristics. Ferrari’s main weakness so far has been top speed. Thus, if Milton Keynes continues to work on reliability to try to avoid disasters similar to those in Sakhir and Melbourne, the red-haired men would instead consider the possibility of Change the power unit In Charles Leclerc’s car. The hypothesis was reported by Fulvio Solms on Corriere dello Sport.

It would be Ferrari’s plan Anticipate the expected “rotation” To assure the world leader a “bonus” of strength on the path where it may be needed. So far reliability hasn’t been lost in the red that two pullbacks – either with Sainz in Australia or at Imola – have been due to accidents rather than technical ones. even if The bulk of the updates will arrive in BarcelonaAs Mattia Binotto has repeatedly stated, Leclerc can still get a little help in his confrontation with Verstappen. Monegasque’s margin is 27 points, a number also useful for managing various components, starting with the engine, which Ferrari has worked on a lot over the past few seasons.

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