Kojima’s game image will be circulating on Discord, for a report – Nerd4.life

Kojima’s game image will be circulating on Discord, for a report – Nerd4.life

Tom Hendersona well-known leaker, has released a new report dedicated to overdose, a new game allegedly made by Hideo Kojima. As reported, Henderson had seen an image of the game that will be circulating on private Discord groups. The report comes from the Insider Games website, which, however,picture.

Henderson still offers us one Description of the alleged image from an overdose. According to what is written, the photo shows us the mama from Death Stranding – played by Margaret Qualley – in a blue dress. This is all we have to know. We specify that Henderson states that she is Mama, not a new character played by Margaret Qualley. It’s not clear if the overdose is somehow linked to Death Stranding: Unfortunately, Henderson doesn’t go into details.

Unfortunately at this moment We can neither confirm nor deny Advertising, as there is no way to see the image we are talking about. Below we present an image of Mama from Death Stranding, to make you understand what the character is, but it is not the image at the center of the leak.

Mama from Death Stranding, played by Margaret Qualley

Henderson claims he doesn’t know if the photo will actually be like that made public. At the moment, according to him, the image has been circulating within some private Discord used by some developers not associated with Kojima Production. The photo was quickly removed from these controversies, but someone clearly has it (if we believe the Henderson report) and could be posted to public platforms at some point.

remember it The overdose has not been officially announced. Kojima confirmed that he’s working with Microsoft on a cloud game, but we don’t know anything else for sure. Moreover, in this period, the Japanese creator shares several teasers for his next game, which appears to be Death Stranding 2. Even the latter, however, is not yet officially confirmed.

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Between rumors, unseen leaks, and mysterious annoyances right now, it’s hard for us to come up with a clear answer. We’ll have to wait and see what happens.

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