Summit and failure first episode

Summit and failure first episode

starts again. Alfonso Gentlemenin better shape than ever, the new version of GF Vipthe seventh that opened with new commentators. Orita Berti And the Sonia Bruganelli So they took their seats with great enthusiasm, with every desire to comment on the exploits of (many) competitors who had crossed the red door.

GF Vip, Orietta Berti’s first mistake

It was definitely the most expected. Orita Berti went from a highly successful singer to a pop icon. She is in great demand on all TV shows, she is self-confident and ridiculous. And without filters. His entry into the studio was critically acclaimed, with Alfonso Signorini who began to interpret the tender one thousandstruck that the Nightingale of Cavriago sang with it videos And the Achille Laurobut there was no shortage of first slip of this edition.

‘I’m going to have a lot of fun in these seven months,’ Orita Berti hilariously revealed, without even thinking about it – that way – she previewed Possible program duration Which promises to be the longest running in the history of reality TV. An involuntary anticipation, of course, but it really unleashed an audience that really doesn’t miss a thing.

On the other hand, he underwent For the first time as a columnist. He has not yet entered the mechanism, of course, but his interventions remain in the shadows. Sonia Bruganelli is still very persistent, certainly more experienced than her, while for Oretta, it’s a whole new role that you have to learn to manage episode after episode.

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The return of Pamela Prati

It sure wasn’t necessary, but back Pamela Prati captured the audience. Still at the forefront of the case Mark Caltagirone, from which he would like to free himself once and for all, but Alfonso Signorini has already begun charging. “We’ll have a chance to talk about it,” he told the audience, but the intention is to go down that road.

Showgirl Ozieri introduced herself with A new look (with bangs) and a golden dresswhich he specially selected for his amarcord gallery which he reserved for the public to enter into the Cinecittà loft.

Jennifera Lamborghini’s story

Beautiful and very similar to her sister, especially in her wonderful Polish coup, Geneva Lamborghini entered a house GF Vip She carries herself before her name. He has definitely revealed that he is not on good terms with Elettra and di She was not invited to her wedding in Afrojack. He revealed before entering, “I am suffering,” expecting that there will be a way to talk about it and deepen the topic.

His entrance did not leave you indifferent Antonino Spinalbesex-boyfriend belin Rodriguez (Already recommended by tenant) who took her on a house tour that changed his face this year. More lively with a “disadvantaged” area which is included as new from the structure designed for the reality show.

Believe Christina Quaranta and it’s a good thing for everyone

She has been missing from TV for quite some time, after a respectable career I took her to the workbench stripping news. Christina Quaranta So he decided to give himself a new chance to participate in the seventh edition of GF Vip. She also revealed that she changed her life, that she built the family of her dreams, and that she is a waitress, with great pride.

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An unexpected gesture of honesty, which was certainly not expected (from others), which presents his character as one of the most interesting of this new version of the reality show. “I am too old for him,” she affirmed tenderly at the entrance to Antonino Spinalbese. Christina Quaranta showed that, instead, age is just a number. And it’s still wonderful.

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