Gaffes, obscenities and “compliments” to a colleague: Striscia la notizia shows the outbursts of Andrea Giambruno

Gaffes, obscenities and “compliments” to a colleague: Striscia la notizia shows the outbursts of Andrea Giambruno

“the Press by Giambronasca“He thinks of one and crushes a hundred.” This time for embarrassment Andrea GiambrunoHost Network 4 And the Prime Minister’s companion Georgia MeloniNot the press or the opposition: “joke“It’s all in the family for the first man. This evening on the Canal 5 reality show”Word spreads“He devoted an entire report to making fun of his partner gaffeur From the Prime Minister. Its occurrences are shown first Live slips“And then some awkward moments outside of the live show.”Today’s diary“: The obscene words with which Giambruno addresses the show’s writers about his story (“What do you want?“) But also my compliments to a colleague in the studio (who looks very uncomfortable):”Why haven’t I met you before?asks Giambruno, Meloni’s partner since 2015.

The service is launched by the hosts Roberto Lipari And Sergio Freccia “Specially for fun.”Andrea Tufted GiambrunoThe cover of the report shows the host in costume Giamborasca Which carries Melony in her hat. The report immediately shows the journalist’s historical missteps: from the heat in the summer “It’s not great news after all“to sentences related to rape”If you get drunk you will find a wolf“) reach to “Transport of migrants“.

However, unpublished parts of Strechia’s report relate to out-of-the-way recordings made at home. Mediaset. In the first part, Giambruno wanders around the studio, insulting those who work with him, if only as a joke. He focuses in particular on his hairstyle and the criticism he received for his strange hairstyles: “But they don’t bother me with the trunk“Since I have hair… I’m 42 years old and everyone here is bald…” the host attacked. Stricia’s on-screen voice taunted him by talking about “A prototype of an Italian bandleader“And of the language and the movements that make him a polite animal.” “But don’t let them bother me… – Giambruno continues – there are people here He swears on the airGo and look at the hair.” Not only that: then, after “arranging” his genitals, he defiantly turns to someone (such as “Savoy”) who is not in the picture: “What is this… excuse me?”

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“And how are we doing with testosterone?” asks the narrator. In the video, in fact, we see Giambruno approaching his colleague in front of the studio monitor: “For me, the only referee that matters is That Viviana“, adds the host. At this point the praise begins: “Then look at him The beauty of this blue Estoril“Giabruno says, referring to his colleague’s dress. She replies that it is, in fact.”Blue China“, but he disagrees:” No, his name Estoril blueBlue China is something…that makes me angry…China. Her name is Blue Estoril, an educated woman like you. Blue China No, it doesn’t suit you: you You are superior“.

Giabruno then continues to ask his colleague how things are going: “I was sorry to see you like that yesterday,” he explained, stroking her hair. He expands on the explanation of the colors of the dress to those present (“Blue china is garbageBlue Estoril is a little higher”) and finally takes the plunge with her classmate Viviana, who looks increasingly uncomfortable: “You are a smart woman…But why haven’t I met you before? It’s unbelievable.” The report ends with another quip from Striccia: “In short, when Giambronasca sees blue, it is as if the bull sees red and attacks with his head down. Giambruno, did you like our profile?

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