Big Brother Phoebe, the perpetrators were forced to intervene: Tavasi urgently called the sect

Big Brother Phoebe, the perpetrators were forced to intervene: Tavasi urgently called the sect
Edoardo Tavassi, Big Brother Vip – (web resource)

Big Brother Red Alert: Edoardo Tavassi High stakes, emergency summons reaches confession.

During the recent primetime of “Big Brother Vip” and now in its final stages, Edward Tavasi I enjoyed great satisfaction.

A candidate from the audience in a rose Reality show finalistthe real Capitoline defeated rival Nikita Bellizzone (later elected also, surprisingly, a potential winner), Luca Onstini, Melina Micconi, Alberto De Pecis and Andrea Maestrelli, and could soon reach the greedy jackpot Up for grabs.

He has always been romantically attached to the young woman Micol EncorviaClizia’s more famous sister, Edoardo Tavassi usually shows a protective and caring instinct towards her, but recent skirmishes can Even bargaining for his access to the final.

In the last few hours Algeveno had thrown himself against his partner, He even went so far as to insult her Inside Their Own Van: The Authors Had Him Immediately Called to the Confession Center…

Vip Big Brother: Eduardo Tavasi was reprimanded by the authors

Admired by fellow adventurers, and protected by a large proportion of the audience, the protégé of “Big Brother Vip” was going to charge final pressure A few hours after Alfonso Signorini announced the live.

Edoardo Tavassi also came close to winning with the “L’Isola dei Famosi” format, an event that later disappeared due to knee injury during the Bonus Trial. Considered the moral winner in survival game Canale 5, Capitoline competitor understandably showed up during its recent primetime The desire to win. However, he makes it clear that he has placed the relationship with Micol Incorvaia at the top of his priority list, one that is destined to survive. However, Edoardo Tavassi would vent his jitters on his girlfriend, leading the two authors to one Emergency call to the sect. Later, Edoardo Tavassi reaches out to Micol again, and takes advantage of the van’s privacy to offer his remorseful apology.

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Big Brother Vibe: After the storm, peace returns between Eduardo and Mikol

An explosive Phoebe humbly confronted his girlfriend, and confessed to her: “I know I’m not perfect. I know I’m wrong a lot, and I want to be wrong as much as possible.“.

He added:I need your help, because I’m always wrong. I want you to know where I went wrong…The reconciliation between the two was greeted warmly by #incorvassi, who have been supporting the birth couple under the cameras for months.

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