Men and women: Shea’s opinion in episode 11/10/21

This is really true, for whom too much and for whom nothing.

Andrea Nicole Conti She had all the potential (in addition to being class, intelligent, and highly educated, qualities that are rare commodities there) to give us the throne as we should, and instead has the most imaginary suitors of the past. Two years Three years Glitter, the things in between Alessandro Verdolini This is more than just a text message to the editorial staff to get stuck writing and cyprien aftm who sends dozens of text messages, but just to make sure the recording isn’t lost, Approximately It seems to me more credible than Costabel Albor can be really Interested in that rock? Gemma GalganiAnd I said it all.

Then that tronista had flipped for a giant syriani And – despite the fact that he is already clearly preparing the ground for the expected task – if he chose it anyway, although everyone, even the paparazzi, tried to warn her, that’s another matter. But she was particularly unfortunate in terms of male animals which is a totally objective topic, come on.

Lots of handsome men, for heaven’s sake, including those who have since gone. But here are some pretty people who don’t dance amiciana At the moment) we don’t do anything.

Men and women: Shea's opinion in episode 11/10/21

Completely different talk regarding Roberta Giusti, While that. Two suitors happened to her as they should. One is the opposite of the other, no doubt, but both give me the idea of ​​being a very good person, of being kind and with a pure heart that wouldn’t hurt a fly. And above all it seems to me that they are really interested in her, which is no small matter.

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Luca Salatino He’s someone who, at least for now, if he sees something he doesn’t like, he’ll blow up and leave the studio upset. Samuel Carniani He is usually more sober in his reactions, but a clear eye betrays him. But none of them save themselves, on the contrary, they put themselves on the line at 101%. Uncover the constant difference that separates them from the other two types.

Men and women: Shea's opinion in episode 11/10/21

Because on the one hand, if we have people who are so hopelessly constipated that they don’t spend more than minimum wage, once we understand that much Nicole At home, he doesn’t send it to us anymore, and we were getting to the choice safely, and on the other hand, we have people who, first of all, have a CA ** or feedback when the tronista takes an extra step towards its competition, and already here it can move.

Because everything is fine, some theaters are fine men and inferiors They’re pathetic, but at least, heck! To those I miss you with the cannonballs that move his facial muscles, oh. They are so fake that they don’t even bother to pretend anymore. Nicole He may mate in the study center but I’m sure Alessandro NS syriani It would stay still more than when I was in high school I tried not to get the teacher’s attention during interrogations.

for every Roberta Instead, there are people who drive for two and a half hours only to present a puzzle to them to the editorial staff, because “I needed to do something for you, I couldn’t stay home thinking and above all wait“…and the people who, though contrary to their nature, are so interested in Tronista that he promised to commit it.”To separate what I see from what I live“.

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I’m hesitant to the righteous I think so, because compared to Nicole He has exactly the opposite problem. On the one hand, a person who always has a joke at the ready, is able to get rid of you even from the darkest mood, and on the other hand, a handsome guy with kind eyes. Different but both true. And in the fake zoo that’s elius It’s not easy to deal with honest people, I understand that.

For once you have focused a little on classic throneJust because I save popcorn when the rags fly Ida Platano NS Diego Tafani. Right now we see them all Adoreswrestle mouth to mouth resuscitationKisses where air exchange occursand Brescia tours, focusing on making room among the pictures hanging in her shop.

But already when they talked about the nightly video calls that oblige him – who comes back from work at 8.30pm – to get up at 11:30 so he wouldn’t miss 4 arousing Hours of long chatting with her, the first cracks began to appear. Because she’s like a good girl minimum from jimona, in the end she’s never happy, and she has to break the limit ** and complain about it”You don’t want to be with me“Even if one dares to yawn at two in the morning. Yawn. At two in the morning.

I have no more words, I swear.

note. I had no doubts, but until today I loved Isabella Ricci Which – with half a sentence, as usual – underground Armando Encarnato NS Gianni Sperti in combo. Six hours to talk about the dress.Very romantic and flutter“Fashion Show”how to seduce you‘, hinting that it came from the shepherd and she, just to show it Channel 5, if he had succeeded in doing well though the subject (according to them) was inappropriate, and the lady not only suggested showing him the bill to prove that she had bought it regularly, but took the opportunity to remind him when–in the fashion show”Check out the king, how did I seduce you(Ah, what a crazy variety of subjects, at fashion shows men and women!) – she wore a long tartan dress from the same designer, equally draped and pregnant with the same kind of sensuality (more subtle and less ostentatious, especially compared to the car wash cover at Galgani) But why do you know why at that time no one complained.

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Video from the episode: full betIsabella and show clothesArmando: “Isabella, may I ask you a favour?”Exterior by Alessandro and PinociaAlessandro and Pinocia have more and more friendsDiego and Ida BayanIda, Diego and…. BresciaDiego: “Help me with the video calls”Three new ladies for CostabeliLuke outburstExternal by Roberta and LucaThe new Roberta and LucaRoberta and Samuel’s giftRoberta: “Who do I like the most between Luca and Samuel?”Tinì: “You can’t point the finger at Costabile like you did with Giorgio”

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