The roof of the car, you always have it there but you do not know its purpose: from today you will use it every day

The roof of the car, you always have it there but you do not know its purpose: from today you will use it every day

There are some ancillary features, related to our car, that we often overlook, but which we can exploit in a certain way. On the roof of a car, for example, there are parts that you always had there, but never thought about. Read this guide so you know how to take advantage of it!

with the ‘use In the question, can be drawn Various facilities, which the user considers not often, but most often. so why not Enrich by yourself Sentences Of the functions, when the basis of these functions already exists?

She’s always had them on the roof of the car, but for different jobs, you won’t even think about them yet.

The handrail From the car, for those who do not know, it is used not only for simple transportation of things or baggage that cannot be accommodated in the interior luggage compartment. There are many other features that can be traced back. Often, the same proves to be suitable for these uses. other timesHowever, regarding use, it may be necessary to purchase one specific model, at the parts store. Obviously everything will depend on our car model.

bars are longitudinal rods Installed on the surface of the machine, on special slots. The main purpose is to increase the carrying capacity of the car. In addition to bars By itself, we can also add one Custom build created between them so as to improve efficiency in load transfer. Naturally, this structure will consist of longitudinal strips running from one end to the other, which, depending on your model, can be purchased at a store From separate piece.

The longitudinal brackets consist of handrails Aluminium mostlyThis is to ensure reliability in pregnancy support. Usually the supported weight is up to 150 kg. Not only does it bring functionality, it contributes to differentiate, to a certain extent, the car’s design style, being perfectly placed in the manuals and immediately catches the eye. drop ceiling. It is generally produced in three colours, black, gray and polished chrome.

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Additional Features

Installation of a tent thanks to the help of rails on the roof of a Porsche.

About them, we find the additional installation ofequipment times forlightwhich can be very useful while camping or on other picnics, for illuminating, in the evening, on a summer table during a picnic, etc.

Beyond that, always think of a case campingyou can install, with the help of the same thing, a curtain, a feature that already exists for handrail in Touring car. Real boxes can also be fitted to containers, luggage and more. In this regard, even building materials, furniture, sports equipment, etc.

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