Android is giving a Christmas gift to a lot of people: see if you've been there too

Android is giving a Christmas gift to a lot of people: see if you've been there too

As a surprise to all Android phone users, a gift arrives for a large group. Find out if the Christmas robot will come to you too.

Christmas is also arriving in the form of an Android robot with a surprise that will include a wide range of users and devices. And even if you find out that you're not part of the group of those who will receive this digital Christmas gift, console yourself You won't be alone. Another gift will arrive for other users after Epiphany.

Smartphone like new before Christmas, Android surprise –

Obviously the gift we're talking about is A new update Which will enable many new devices to experience version 14 of Google's operating system.

As always happens when it comes to distributing updates to the operating system, everything is done through a roadmap that tries to cover the largest number of devices in the shortest possible time but in any case with a tiered organization, to ensure that any bugs are identified in time and resolved. However, it was not Google that announced the updates, but another mobile giant.

These Android devices will change before the end of the year

The arrival of a new operating system, Android version 14, is always a big deal. Because it is not an update of what already exists, but a deeper and more fundamental change. If the update then goes through the different versions created by device manufacturers Starting with native Android The changes become more noticeable. The specific version we are telling you about is actually the version One user interface 6 Which is found on Samsung devices that do not install Android locally but the version that Samsung creates starting with Android.

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Holiday update Android 14 on these devices –

Some devices have already received it One UI 6 but there are still many that need to be updated. Among smartphones, the lines have received the update at the moment S23, S22 and S21 While among the foldable devices are the 5, 4 and 3 series. There are also different models of Series A and M It has been updated and among the tablets there are the last two series so i Tab S9 and Tab S8. But between the end of the year and the beginning of 2024, updates will arrive, for example, for other models in the A and L series S7 series tabs And for all newer M series models.

So if you own, for example, a A 23 5 ing By January, it will also receive Android 14 while for i Tab A8 and A7 Lite We'll have to wait a little longer, because the update is scheduled to come in February. However, what will be different in Android 14 filtered through One UI 6? Depending on the available devices, the updates may vary slightly but the most important ones are Introduction to the new quick panel Which activates the option to change the wallpaper based on the time of day and the mode you have chosen to use your smartphone, in addition to a wider range of Screen lock options And New widgets To use the camera and follow the weather. Moreover, as we have already seen with other versions of the Android OS that have been modified by device manufacturers, a new version also arrives for Samsung. New line By default.

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