Britain sends a warship to Guyana due to tensions with Venezuela

Britain sends a warship to Guyana due to tensions with Venezuela

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he Counting unit She announced that she was preparing to send one Warship In water GuyanaIn a gesture of support for the region in confronting its demands Venezuela About areai will do itIt is rich in oil and minerals.

The Ministry of Defense confirmed that HMS Trent, the patrol ship deployed so far in… Carib They are searching for drug dealers, and will participate in training exercises in the area afterward Nadalaccording to what was reported by the British Broadcasting Corporation.

“HMS Trent will visit Guyana, a regional ally and partner in the European Union,” he added. United Kingdom ParliamentAt the end of this month, as part of a series of commitments in the region,” a ministry spokesman confirmed to the BBC.

Venezuela has claimed sovereignty over Guyana since the 19th century, when the borders of the South American countries were determined. A few weeks ago, Venezuelans almost unanimously expressed support for a referendum that asked five questions about claiming Guiana Esquipa. 95.93% of voters supported the creation of an integrated state on Venezuelan territory.

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