Zap! At Christmas he distributes an entire issue of the magazine dedicated to retro gaming systems –

Zap!  At Christmas he distributes an entire issue of the magazine dedicated to retro gaming systems –

The Airons Society decided to give everyone a beautiful gift for Christmas: all of them number from the magazine Zap! FreeIt can be downloaded for free by anyone in PDF format.

For those who are not familiar with it, Zzap! She dated Video Games Magazine, first English and then Italian, which was the main source of video game information in the 8-bit era in our country. Currently, it has been revived, even in paper form, and deals with new games for older systems, such as Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum or Amiga.

The number given is the smallest Christmas special 2022 It consists of 32 pages. You can find it by going to The official website of the magazine.

let’s see cover:

Cover of the Christmas issue of Zzap!

Let’s read a description Content From issue:

This Christmas edition, even with reduced foliation, contains a lot of interesting information, from the special ABBUC 2022, with a brief review of the most deserving games that have marked this competition among Atari computer programmers, to the ultimate preview review of the Quasimodo Christmas Caper, a game A promising Christmas themed for the Commodore ’64. And that’s not all, because we also reviewed Wonder Boy, Minky, Settle the World, and several interesting Amiga titles, as well as Amstrad’s precious Dire Dare and Demented, but hilarious Bufonada for MSX and Spectrum. There are also sections like Pimp my classic, with two old games that have been “remastered” (or nearly) and Mail, as well as an uncautious look at early access for Tiny Football, a new soccer game for PC that makes a perfect reference to the great 16-bit classics. In short, we wanted to give you a rundown of Zzap! which completed the information in No. 7/92, which will be issued in January. It must be specified that the contents of this Special Offer are completely unpublished and reside exclusively in this Special Offer, and will not be re-suggested elsewhere.

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