Sassuolo-Napoli 1-1 (12′ Flamengo penalty, 60′ Ambrosino): the match is over and a good draw for the Azurini

Sassuolo-Napoli 1-1 (12′ Flamengo penalty, 60′ Ambrosino): the match is over and a good draw for the Azurini

90′ + 5′ – Game over! Ambrosino responds to Flamingo, which is a good point for Azurini.

90′ + 4′ – Idasiak saves Napoli! Diawara in the penalty area finds the ball on the left and kicks, saves Napoli’s Polish goalkeeper in two halves.

90′ + 3′ – Still dangerous in the second half, Forchignone shot diagonally down the left but Idasiak saved without problems.

90 ‘+2’ – D’Agostino’s booking Who avoided restarting Sassuolo with a tactical error.

90 ‘+1’ – Silly Napoli! Double Chance: In Acampa’s cross, Cole Sacco blasted off and Vitali’s prodigy, D’Agostino arrived to bounce back but Vitale was still the one to save Sassuolo!

90′ – 5 minutes of recovery has been granted.

87′ – Jewels warned Which carried Ferrara on the counter-attack of the jersey.

86′ – Change in Naples, Vergara exits and Maranzino enters.

83 ‘- A great opportunity for Naples! A serve in the penalty area for Coli Saco who enters and finds himself face to face with Vitale, the azzurrini’s French midfielder but with his right collides with the opposing goalkeeper who is left desperate.

82′ – Sassuolo’s last change: Samelli goes out and Diwara goes in.

78′ – Cue from Forchignone who focuses from the left and kicks the ball right, ball to the side with Idasiak in control.

74′ – Triple change at Sassuolo: Zenlay, Uchile and Mata exit; Inside Ferrara, Casulari and Arcopento

67′ – Double change in Naples: Di Marco and Siofi out in Acampa and Spafon.

65′ – Change in Sassuolo: Touré exits and entry for Forchignoni.

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60′ – GOOOOOOOLLLLL from Naples! Ambrosino!!!!! Coli Saco recovers the ball in the middle of the field and serves up D’Agostino, who departs for Ambrosino: a one-on-one tight corner and a powerful right-handed shot that surprises Vitale in his center! Procida striker who scored 14 in the league is still a killer! 1-1!

Ambrosino’s goal

54′ – An incredible opportunity for Sassuolo! Uchile’s counterattack beats Sacco and flies toward Idasiyak’s goal, head-on with goalkeeper’s blue kicks to the side.

52′ – Dandrea’s shot from distance, Bara Idasiak without problems.

50′ – A powerful shot from Cioffi from outside the area, Vitaly takes cover in the corner. Nothing in the next corner.

45′ – The second half startedDo not change the coaches.

13.30 – The teams return to the field.

45′ + 3′ – first half ends. Napoli under the net, but Sassuolo several times close to double.

45′ – 3 minutes of recovery granted.

45′ – A roaring chance for Sassuolo! Paz goes fast on the counter-attack and enters the area, cross passes Samelli at the far post alone, but the pass is wrong and the opportunity is lost.

44′ – Passed through D’Andrea on the right to Jewels, crossed in the middle of the penalty area for Loeffen’s first shot with his right foot but shot high.

39′ – Napoli corner kick scheme with Vergara catching D’Agostino’s low shot, but his right hand finishes with a high power.

35′ – Auchelli warned For a midfield foul on Coli Saco.

28′ – Another great opportunity for Sassuolo. A counterattack by D’Andrea who is in the penalty area sitting on Costanzo and trying to shoot from the left that ends up very high. In the second post, Matta was complaining alone.

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27′ – Steady action from Napoli leads D’Agostino to a cross from the right wing, taking out Vitali expecting Ambrosino with a plastic fist ready to attack from behind.

22′ – Ambrosino’s header off Di Marco’s cross, but the blue striker hits the ball poorly which ends up being wide.

20′ – Pontelau warned This puts Mata on the trocar. The turbulent moment continues for the blue midfield who plays today in place of suspended Daniel Hessage.

19′ – Excellent Barba closure on center hole. On this occasion still Pontelo in difficulty who did not start this challenge very well.

18′ – Match change with Vergara’s left fly sending Chovi into the goal, the blue striker in the penalty area is unbalanced by Paz but the referee is no foul. Naples protests.

14′ – Crazy chance for Sassuolo! Mata wins a physical duel with Barba in the area and drinks with a dry Pontillo dribble, head-to-head with Idasiak but shoots high from the optimal position.

12′ – The goal of Sassuolo! devices. Flamingo! The Dutch defender for the hosts makes no mistake, displaced Idasiak. 1-0.

10′ – Penalty kick for Sassuolo! Di Marco’s foul on Toure is in the area, for the referee there is no doubt and whistling is the maximum penalty for Niroverde.

5′ – Uchile’s shot from distance, Samelli tries to swerve brilliantly but the ball ends up on the side.

3′ – Too high pressure from Sassuolo trying to play the match in the first minutes of play.

1′ – The game has begun!

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Spring of Naples, official line-ups:

Sassuolo (4-3-3): Vitale, Loeffen, Flamingo, Zenelaj, Paz Blandon, D’Andrea, Mata, Aucelli, Samele, Macchioni, Touré. Coach: Bejeka.

Naples (3-4-2-1): edadiac; 2 Barba, Pontelau, Costanzo; D’Agostino, Cole Sacco, Jewels, DiMarco; Cioffi, Vergara; Ambrosino. Coach: Frostalupe.

Good morning, dear readers Naples space And welcome to the live text Sassuolo Naples, the match is valid for the 25th day of the Primavera 1 tournament. Azurini, returning from a draw with Empoli and Pescara, are looking for success by moving away from the playing area. It will not be easy to get the best players from the Emilians team coached by Mr Bejica (former Napoli player, editor). The first leg ended 1-1 with a great goal from donna In full recovery that caught a tie.

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