February 6, 2023

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Russo-Ukrainian war, even Switchblade kamikaze drones in the US aid package in Kyiv: capable of destroying tanks

There is also me Switchblade drones In the $800 million military aid package decided by the United States for Ukraine to counter the advance of the Russian army. Republican Senator Mike McCaul, a member of the Foreign Affairs Committee, confirmed the rumors circulating on Wednesday. It is small guided missiles With the ability to accurately hit several miles away Russian tanks And the artillery positions. Specifically, the small drones can roam for 30 minutes before being directed toward their target by a ground operator, tens of kilometers away. The machine is operated from a tube, such as a mortar bullet. The weapon was first used in Afghanistan by US Special Operations Forces and then also adopted by the Army and Marine Corps.

The switchblade And so it becamea weapon more avant-garde At the disposal of the armed forces of Volodymyr Zelensky: they automatic smart bombsequipped camerasAnd the steering systems And the Explosives. It is produced by an American company AeroVironmentin two different forms: 300 and the 600. Version 300 is designed for Targeted attacks on peoplethat’s 600 for Hit and destroy tanks and other armored vehicles – both drones can be programmed to automatically hit targets miles away and can be steered around the targets. The Switchblade drone 600 is able to fly for 40 minutes and a distance of 50 miles. McCaul also said the United States is “working with allies” to send more surface-to-air missile systems to Ukraine. S-300.

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