Reinterpreting masculinity through being a drag king

So hello to drag queens, Why aren't there drag kings? It's a newer and little-known movement, but practitioners are determined to prove its existence.

A drag queen is someone who performs exaggerated stereotypes with theatrical intent and mocks traditional notions of identity and gender roles. This idea can work for males, females, and across the gender spectrum.

Hegemonic masculinity can be “performed.” “Through parody and criticism,” says drag king Pharonix. It is the stage name of Marta Aran, the Max Award-winning actress, director and playwright. “There is pride in the ‘Marimacho’ pen and Male feather pride“, Add.

I discovered this world as a result of Search for strange adaptation From the comedy “The Night of the Kings” by the Barking Shakespeare Company. He was self-taught, almost out of obligation.

Now, under the umbrella of the Barcelona Theater College, I have decided to promote The first drag king training course in Cataloniawhere Marcos Masalami, from Madrid, the most famous drag king in Spain, among others, will also participate.

This course is open to anyone who wants it Experiment and play with the genreIssues ranging from makeup and costumes to how to build drama in the show will be discussed.

“We take walking, talking… and all masculinity to the extreme,” explains Gemma Serra, one of the students.

The goal is to put the com draw Another performing art, “inclusive art”As Marta Aran says, she defends it because it contains everything she loves: “Added to it are feminism, make-up, fashion, dramaturgy, acting, activist struggle, gender fluidity….”

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He adds: “These games help a lot Questioning things you wouldn't otherwise question If you've never seen a drag king.”

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