Ukraine-Russia War, Today’s News | Explosions at night in Kiev and in 4 districts. Moscow: thwarting a Ukrainian attack by drones on the Khors military ship in the Black Sea

Ukraine-Russia War, Today’s News |  Explosions at night in Kiev and in 4 districts.  Moscow: thwarting a Ukrainian attack by drones on the Khors military ship in the Black Sea

• Moscow: “Thwarting a drone attack on one of our ships in the Black Sea”
• Kiev intelligence wants to reach Putin: “He is at the top of our list”
Military point: American means used in the raid on Belgorod: The Pentagon is distancing itself

07:27 AM – Prigozhin: “The danger of revolution in Russia”

The head of Wagner said 20,000 of its fighters were killed in the battle for the Ukrainian town of Bakhmut, and warned that Russia might face another revolution if its leadership did not improve its handling of the war. Prigozhin explained that 20 percent of the 50,000 prisoners of Wagner’s soldiers, and a similar number of his regular troops, were killed in several months of fighting for Bakhmut. The Wagner leader warned of the dangers of “revolution”, after the children of the poorest families were sent to “die” at the front, while the children of the “elite” were kept safe from the war. “The soldiers will rise first, then their loved ones. There are already tens of thousands of them, relatives of the dead. And there will probably be hundreds of thousands, we cannot help it, ”he explained.

05:00 – Explosions at night in Kiev and four other districts

Explosions have been reported in the capital city Kyiv and in four other regions Ukraine, according to local media. In addition to the Kiev region, explosions would have occurred in Kharkiv, Lviv, Rivne and Khmelnitsky.

Ukrainian officials said Russian forces carried out drone strikes Thursday night in Kiev, adding that the capital’s air defenses had “destroyed all” enemy aircraft. Serhiy Popko, the head of the military department in Kiev, said in a message on Telegram that Russia had “once again attacked from the sky” the Ukrainian capital. “The enemy continues to use offensive tactics in several waves, with intermittent breaks between groups of attacking drones.” The attacks were allegedly carried out using Iranian-made Shahed drones.

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04:25 a.m. – Air raid alert in five districts in the west

Scary new night. Sirens sound at these hours Five regions According to local media: Volhynia, Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv, Ternopil and Chernivchy.

04:03 AM – Zelensky: “We’re working to get the F-16s to fly as quickly as possible”

“We are doing our best to shorten the time” for the new powerful aircraft (F-16) piloted by the Ukrainians to start flying in the skies over Ukraine. “: Volodymyr Zelensky In an evening speech published by the official website of the Ukrainian Presidency.

03:57 – Moscow: “An attempted drone attack on our ship in the Black Sea.”

According to some Russian Telegram channels, three drones had attacked the Russian warship Ivan Khors. According to Moscow, the three drones were going to attack the ship in neutral waters after it crossed the Bosphorus Strait. “We believe the drones originated from a commercial civilian ship,” says Rebar. They claimed from the Kremlin, “The attack was successfully repulsed, and the ship was not damaged.”

The ship, which ended up in the target, “is engaged in tasks to ensure the operation of the TurkStream and Blue Stream gas pipelines in the Turkish exclusive economic zone,” said Igor Konashenkov, a spokesman for the Ministry of Defense in Moscow.

03:06 – Moscow: “Ukrainian attack on a ship in the Black Sea thwarted”

This morning, Ukrainian forces attempted to attack a Russian military ship in the Black Sea that was carrying out reconnaissance activities for two Russian gas pipelines heading to Turkey, but the operation was thwarted by the destruction of three sea drones. This was stated by the Moscow Ministry of Defense. According to the ministry, quoting the agency RIA NovostiThe attempted attack took place 140 km northeast of the Bosphorus Strait, when three drones were fired at the ship. Ivan Khors From the Black Sea Fleet, which patrols the waters where the Turkish gas pipeline and the Blue Stream pass, in the area of ​​exclusive economic interests of Turkey.

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02:16 a.m. – Military Point – US vehicles used in raid on Belgorod: Pentagon distances itself

(Andrea Marinelli and Guido Olympio) Beljord’s raiders were using American means to infiltrate Russian territory. The pictures that arrived from the border regions do indeed appear US-made Humvees and armored vehicles in the hands of far-right militias: Important details Thesis reinforced the cooperation between Russian partisan groups and the Kiev government, and It sparked immediate reaction from the Pentagon.

01:58 am – Mattarella: “Everyone is working for a just peace”

 «There is a strong feeling of the need for everyone to work, with greater commitment, for a just peace, who knows how to share the causes of just and orderly international coexistence, which is now in great danger due to the unjustified aggression of the Russian Federation. For Ukraine, an independent and sovereign state whose very life is called into question ». Head of State said, Sergio Mattarella During a toast at the Quirinale in honor of the President of the Republic of Angola Joao Manuel Gonçalves Lourenco.

01:31 am – Belgorod, attack and reaction after the secret raid

(Martha Seraphim) An operation that, regardless of its actual outcome, would have plunged the Kremlin into panic. This is how analysts from ISW, the US intelligence think tank, describe the anti-Putin militia incursion into the Belgorod region that began on Monday and ended yesterday. However, many points are still not clear about what it looks like The largest cross-border attack from Ukrainian territory into Russian territory.

01:08 – from the United States a new missile defense system for Ukraine

00:25 – Kiev intelligence: “Putin is at the top of our list, and he is aware that we are getting close, but he is probably afraid that his people will kill him.”

Putin is “at the top of the list” of Kiev’s targets. This was approved by the Deputy Chief of the Intelligence Services Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, Vadim Skibitsky, in an interview with Welt, said that the Russian president is well aware of Kiev’s intention to kill him. Â «He knows we’re getting close to him, but he probably also fears he’ll be killed by his own people – says Skibitski – a lot of people in Russia still support this ‘special operation’ but thanks to social media and phone checks, we know a lot of Russians have died So much so that it scares people.

Also among the targets was Yevgeny Prigozhin: “Our priority is to eliminate those who order their men to attack.” Putin tops the list “because he orchestrates and decides what happens. But in the end everyone will have to answer for their actions. Chief of Staff Valery Gerasimov and Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu planned the offensive and now there is no turning back. When asked if propaganda, oligarchs and civilians were also considered targets, Skibice replied: ‘We are at war and these are our enemies. If an important person produces and finances weapons for Russia, his elimination will save many civilian lives … According to international agreements, this is a legitimate goal.

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