Amici 21, premiere of the second episode of the evening

Amici 21, premiere of the second episode of the evening

The highly anticipated second episode of this evening has just been taped Maria de Filippi’s friends Which we can report below the relative progress.

After months of rehearsals, the students were finally able to enter the final phase of the programme, which will announce one winner in the singing category and one in the dance category.

To tell us what happened on the first date from evening friendspeers News:

Elimination of the first official: calm. polling between Christian And the Critical: Someone went home, we’ll find out on Saturday evening because they came home.

the team ZurbiCelentano He decided to challenge the team Todarokocarini.

First race: a duet Alex And the Sisi against Luigi And the LDA. won Alex And the Sisi.

Second race: the gauntlet Leonardo And the Michelle against Christian And the Ambassadorwon Leonardo And the Michelle.

Third race: Carolla against Aishahe won Aisha. The team won the first match Todaro – Kokarini. They went to the ballot paper Luigi and Leonardo And the calm. he lost calm.

second heat. team again Todarokocarini against the team ZurbiCelentano.

First race: the gauntlet Ambassador And the Serena And the Leonardo And the Carolla. won Ambassador And the Serena.

Second race: LDA Against the choir, the choir won.

Third race: Luigi against Christianhe won Luigi.

They went to the ballot paper ChristianAnd the Ambassador And the Alex. In danger of being eliminated Christian.

Preview of the third round: the team ZurbiCelentano Team Challenge PeppariniPetinelli.

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First race: the gauntlet Luigi against Critical. won it Luigi but canceled by ruddy.

Second race: Michelle against Sunrise And the Critical. he won Michelle.

Third race: LDA against Dario. he won LDA.

They ended up on the ballot SunriseAnd the Critical And the John Eric.

on the ballot Critical rich my house And the My girlfriend is a witch. Christian he danced selfishness And the Winter flowers.

Mitten of professors, subject view. a team ZurbiCelentano against kocariniTodaroget the seconds.

Award Tim won it Serena.

Episode host erama.

The second guest in the episode again Nino frasica.

to Luigi They showed a video clip when he was young.

Sunrise Reached a million streams.

Standing standing ovation for Luigi who sang Wall in the poll.

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