Three “s” to impress the stellants: money, science and the seriousness of Turin

Three “s” to impress the stellants: money, science and the seriousness of Turin

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The corporate line on the eve of the meeting with CEO Tavares: European funds, urban planning lever and knowledge. Governor Sirio: “Not too romantic, too pragmatic.” For Mayor Lo Russo, the redevelopment of 1.5 million square meters in Mirafiori is a great opportunity

Three: money, science and seriousness. No fuss, let alone the “romantic” surrender of the past which, however glorious, must now deal with the present and, above all, the future. With this in mind, local enterprises will present themselves on Monday, March 28 at the meeting with the CEO of Stilants Carlos Tavares And for the president John Elkann To Mirafiori: “We must prove that Turin and Piedmont have the technical knowledge that makes it convenient for the company to stay in our city and in our region,” said the governor. Alberto Sirio At the end of the talks with employers’ associations and trade unions. “The model of the past for those who say ‘Styllants should stay because the car was born here’ is now part of the history books and is no longer valid.” Of course, “The car was born here in the sense that we have people who know how to think, study and build cars. We are aware that in a globalized world we invest where it pays, but we are equally convinced that it is worth it in Piedmont”, he concluded.

Clarity on European funds available to businesses in the area and guarantees of city availability in relation to urban changes. With this synergy between the region and the municipality of Turin and Piedmont, they are confident of persuading the top management of the Italian-French group to maintain production and increase investments in the region. One of the levers available to the governor is that of ERDF funds, 1.5 billion through 2027 in Piedmont. Cirio will arrive ready: he will ask his offices to prepare “ERDF for Technological Innovation and the Environment in schedules that define allocation by allocation what resources they can apply in order to get them to support their activities”. Le Rousseau focused on his own skills, and suggested a reason for the “industrial reuse of those areas” currently unused and generally the desire to use the “planning lever” in the hands of the municipality. The issue raised by the mayor, also with a view to the urban redevelopment of southern Turin, is precisely the re-use of the abandoned areas of Mirafiori, about half of the mega-site that borders the southern border of Turin: the unused part “is an area of ​​one and a half million square meters of the total 3 million square metres.” Square. It’s an industrial challenge but also an urban one: how to turn Europe’s largest car production plant into an ecological transformation. Turin also has great strength due to the engineering of processes, products and services related to automobile production. It has unique skills, with supply chains that can be deployed for the transition to electrification. There is a problem with the number of cars produced, but there is also a regional value to highlight.” Concrete examples are the recycling and reuse of batteries, but also the production chain collaborating to build the batteries before the giant factory.

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