American justice was alarmed by the growing threats against teachers

American justice was alarmed by the growing threats against teachers

Washington, USA | The U.S. Justice Department on Monday condemned the growing threat to teaching work across the country after several videos were released showing parents violently protesting against vaccination duties or wearing masks.

“In recent months, there has been a worrying increase in forms of harassment, intimidation, threats or violence brought against teachers or school officials,” Merrick Garland told his administration and the U.S. Federal Police, FBI.

“Threats against our officials are not only illegal, they are against the inherent values ​​of our nation,” he lamented.

The minister did not specify what the origin of this uprising was in the attacks.

But in recent months, there have been dozens of incidents across the country in which angry parents have objected to their child being obliged to wear a mask or be vaccinated.

Masking and vaccinating have actually become political issues that divide many Americans. Some Republican governors, such as Texas or Florida, wanted to introduce restrictions on the mandatory wearing of masks in their states, defending sacred individual liberties.

Very heated (sometimes violent) debates about how to teach racism also enliven the United States.

Last week, the Association of National School Boards, a large body of academics, called on President Biden to intervene, citing growing threats.

“Public schools and its teachers in the United States face an immediate threat,” he warned in a letter, calling for “law enforcement assistance” to address the problem.

The Association of American Presidents rang alarm bells in the face of the situation a few days ago.

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