1000 Torture Videos | Investigation after the release of the rapes in Russian prisons

(Moscow) A post released by the NGO after Russian authorities released a video showing a prisoner being raped on Tuesday claimed that hundreds of organs were found in the country’s prisons that testify to the practice of torture.

On Monday evening, the NGO Gulagu.net posted on its telegram account that in this nearly three-minute video a naked man in bed with his arms and legs tied was sodomized by another man using a long pole.

The second man films the rape, and the third suppresses her crying with the cloth on the victim’s face.

1000 torture videos

According to GulaguNet, the scene was filmed on February 18, 2020 in the medical ward for prisoners with tuberculosis in Saratov, central Russia.

The NGO says it received more than 1,000 videos showing prison torture from a whistleblower. According to this evidence, prisoners, in numbers, are mistreated there to get a confession or to co-operate with the guards.

On Tuesday, the Russian prison announced that it had sent investigators to Saratov to verify the “authenticity” of the video released by Gulagu.net. The Saratov Commission of Inquiry and the Office of the Attorney General have also begun an investigation.

When asked about this, the Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that “serious practice” was needed if the “credibility” of the films was to be established.

Vladimir Ossetchkine, director of Gulagu.net, told AFP that he received more than 1,000 videos and was imprisoned in several prisons across the country, via a former prisoner and a computer scientist, a Saratov national of Belarusian descent.

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“Torture Factory”

According to anonymous sources cited by Interfax News Agency and local media Vgliad-info.

The Russian prison system is often distorted by torture scandals perpetrated by guards or other prisoners on their orders.

Mr. who lives as a refugee in France.

“Russian authorities are hypocrites and will do everything to reduce their responsibility in this torture industry,” he said.

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