American Boxing: The Flash Begins Major Friday, Element Two | Cinema

American Boxing: The Flash Begins Major Friday, Element Two |  Cinema

With two blockbuster releases and one scheduled, as well as circulating films, the movie underway in the US is a busy weekend at the US box office, and some seem to be paying the price. The Flash’s first two blockbuster debuts, Elemental, in particular, appear to be near the lower end of the expectations range, at least based on Friday’s box office data and factoring in potential word of mouth.

Let’s start with the light: DC Comics collected $24.5 million on Friday, including $9.7 million in Thursday previews. The preview numbers, compared to Friday’s total, showed the film to be front-loading, which isn’t surprising considering it’s been expected for approx. nine years by fans. But the CinemaScore B score seemed to reflect a pretty tepid word of mouth, which should translate to an already low multiplier for its first weekend. So, if tonight the forecast was talking about a $60/65 million weekend, now the forecast is talking about $55/60 million for the first time. For comparison, Black Adam debuted with $67 million in the fall of 2022, and with a slight uptick in CinemaScore (B+) finished its run with $168 million in the US. We’ll see if June and early July aren’t crowded with blockbusters (apart from… Indiana Jones 5), the light You will be able to hold on better. Monday morning we’ll give you a more in-depth analysis.

with regard to Elements, the Pixar film debuted to $11.8 million, and the impression was that it could end the weekend even short of the projected $30 million. If that were the case, it would be the animation studio’s worst movie debut ever, even worse Arlo trip (39 million).

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In fact, it might struggle to compete for second place in the rankings with Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, which held up well Friday, grossing $8.1 million and rising to $286 million overall: it’s the third-best American grosser of all time. general.

Instead, it collapsed to fourth place Transformers: Awakening, which raises $5.2 million and should close the weekend at around twenty million dollars. To date, the film has managed to collect $85 million in the United States and more than $200 million worldwide.

Rounding out the top five is The Little Mermaid, which on Friday collected $3.7 million and will collect dozens over the weekend: the film’s gross came in at $245 million in the US and 431 worldwide.

As for the so-called “counterprogramming,” The Blackening collected $2.5 million on Friday, in line with expectations, and should finish the weekend in sixth place with just over $6 million (it cost $5).

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