A region opens the door to applying for grants for…

A region opens the door to applying for grants for…

The government opened today communicate Subsidies for rent payments target young people under 35 and also people over 65, with an initial budget of 48 million. Rent payments are for people who are not at imminent risk of eviction but need help to continue living in the home they live in. Therefore, it is a tool to prevent the risk of residential exclusion for families with fewer resources. The initial portion of 2023 aid was the same. Once the bidding period closed and all applications were evaluated, the assistance was finally awarded in a total amount of 55 million and 25,238 families (14,551 youth and 10,687 over 65 years of age) could benefit from it.

The rental subsidies provided by the general government are not linear in order to ensure fairness. In other words, it is not a fixed amount but is adjusted according to the effort required of each person to pay the rent based on income, with a maximum of 200 euros and a minimum of 20 euros per month (250 and 20 euros respectively, in case of youth advocacy).

It also takes into account the geographical location of the house, in terms of the maximum rent that can be supported, which ranges between 900 euros per month per house (950 for youth advocacy) and 450 per room, in the Barcelona Metropolitan Area; 650 euros (350 per room) in the rest of the Barcelona borders and in the Girona demarcation; 600 euros per dwelling and 300 euros per room in the Tarragona and Lleida demarcations and in the Hebrew land

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Young people up to the age of 35 can apply from March 11 to April 12. Those over 65 years old can apply for assistance from tomorrow until March 27. And young people under 35 years old, from March 11 to April 12.

Aid will soon be opened for middle age groups (36 to 64 years).

February 26, 2024

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