World War III, after the United States also broke the taboo, Russia and China. But expanding the conflict will punish everyone

World War III, after the United States also broke the taboo, Russia and China.  But expanding the conflict will punish everyone

We don’t want to go to war against Russia at Ukraine“We should completely avoid the third World WarBut “the invasion cannot be forgiven.” The words of the US President on March 11, Joe BidenJust two weeks after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, it was read as a dossier serious danger. When it turns out that the intention Russian President Vladimir Putin It was to extend the conflict beyond regions Donbasswith Russian artillery shells already falling Kyiv And in the south of the country, there is a word for it White House Help increase tension between flies and the birth mass, so much so that DEM also had to respond to criticism from those who claimed he was fueling conflict with his statements. After being included in the discussion as well nuclear issue And the hypothesis of further expansion of the war outside Ukrainian territory, for example in Transnistria, the independent Republic of Moldova, today but the option of “World War III” returns in the statements of the main world leaders. Monday evening, the Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrovtalk about as a ‘real danger’While China tried to lower tensions on Tuesday by calling on all sides to work for a peace deal. Why a world (and nuclear) conflict It doesn’t suit anyone.

new escalation It’s been a month and a half since Joe Biden’s words, but United State. But the messages of defiance this time do not come from the president’s mouth, but from the head of the Pentagon. Lloyd Austin who has reached Kyiv with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Anthony BlinkenHe publicly stated that the United States wanted to “see Russia weakened So much so that he can no longer do things like invade Ukraine. And to be honest it has already lost a lot of its military capabilities and many troops, and we wouldn’t like it to be able to quickly rebuild those capabilities.”

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A direct global challenge to President Putin whose main objective is to be able to end this conflict by bringing home the new status quo that can be resold to the population as a victory in the course of this work. “Liberation” and “De-Nazification” It was announced on the Ukrainian territory on the eve of the so-called “Special Operation”. The words that could not go unpunished, the words of the US military, which provoked the reaction of the head of diplomacy in Moscow: World War III poses a “real” danger even if it is a hypothesis Nuclear conflict is unacceptableHe said Monday evening in an interview with the program Bolshaya Ijra (The big game) on the state TV channel Channel One. An intervention during which he then returned to accuse Boy to enter a A proxy war With Moscow through the supply arms to Ukraine. And he warned of a risky decision, because it would fall back on the West, which would see the spread of those same weapons in the countries from which they came.

London step forward – Who decided to move forward is the British government, which said today that it supports the use of its weapons by the Ukrainians in order to Attacks on Russian soil. The statement came through the mouth of the Deputy Minister of Defense, James Hebby, risks distorting perspective on the military support of the NATO-EU bloc to the Ukrainian resistance. No more supplies for defensive purposes, but also hurtful. This can be interpreted by Moscow as hostile action. So much so that Russia issued a new warning: if the British government considers it legitimate to use Kyiv weapons from the West to “knock deep into the supply lines” of Moscow in Russian territory in order to limit losses and destruction, then Russia can be considered equally legitimate to target the Ukrainian supply lines “Deeply” down to “those countries that transfer arms to Ukraine” and that also produce “death and destruction,” he wrote in Facebook Official Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Maria Zakharova. Then he turns to the personal attack on Hebei: the “depth” of the Deputy Defense Minister is “slightly less than the intelligence of the British Foreign Secretary”, les truss.

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don’t step back If press offices or administration spokesmen have done their best in the past to smooth out some exits on the president’s lines, this time no one has moved to reduce the size of the message Austin has been sending. So much so that the Minister of Defense repeated this concept during the extraordinary summit in which it was held Ramsteinat GermanyThe defense ministers of 40 countries attended. The gravity of the situation is known to all. and we We can do more – said the Pentagon chief – we are gathered here today, more than 40 countries, for Help Ukraine win the battle against Russia. Ukraine has done an exceptional job defending itself from Russian aggression and the Battle of Kyiv will go down in the history books. But now the situation on the ground has changed, with the offensive in the south and in the Donbass, and we need to understand what Ukraine needs to fight. There is a sense of urgency that we all understand, and we will do what we can, including mobilizing our industrial base.”

Ukraine too, with its foreign minister Dmitro KolebaHe keeps tension high to avoid backsliding from the Western Front and interprets the threat from Moscow as the result of an awareness that it will lose the conflict in Ukraine: “Russia – he writes on his Twitter page – is losing the last hope to intimidate the world into its support for Ukraine. Hence the talk of the real danger” “For World War III. It only means that Moscow feels defeated in Ukraine. Therefore, the world must redouble its support for Ukraine in order to achieve and maintain European and global security.”

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China between two flames – While recording, at the moment, a file the silence of europewho since the beginning of the conflict has always been in a very uncomfortable situation China. After weeks of ambiguity, his support, albeit economic rather than military, for his friend Russia is now clear, but the prospect of a protracted conflict makes the screeching in relations between Moscow and Beijing even more raucous. there People’s Republic He has everything to lose from the global conflict. He may lose face if, in the name of economic interests, he decides to abandon his partner, Putin. He would lose a lot of money if, precisely in the name of this friendship, he gave up his penetration into the West, setting up a project Belt and Road Initiative and trade for Hundreds of billions of dollars. And so the Beijing Foreign Ministry hastened to intervene to try to put an end to what has so far been a verbal escalation:Nobody wants to see World War III. It is necessary to support the process of promoting peace talks “between Russia and Ukraine,” a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman said today at a press briefing. Wang Wenbin. Who knows if this new tension could persuade them to seriously suggest themselves as potential mediators between the two parties. Provided that Russia and the United States agree.

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