Details about quality and history –

Details about quality and history –

During the live broadcast of GiantBomb, of which you can listen to excerpts above, well-known journalist and leaker Jeff Group New leak detection: Metroid Prime Remaster coming By the end of 2022likely in November to coincide with the 20th anniversary of Metroid Prime.

specially, group It states: “I can tell that I’ve been told that Metroid Prime remastered will definitely be a Nintendo game in late 2022.” Grob explains that he was told in the past that the game was in development, but has now received certain information about the release. According to the reporter, the only thing Nintendo has left to do is officially announce the release date.

In the second clip, located below, Grubb adds that the three chapters of Prime will be Publish separately And that the first Metroid Prime will receive preferential treatment over the next. The first game will have improved graphics, while the second and third game will undergo an update of the controls, but will not have significantly improved graphics.

As always, we remind you that we are talking about it CommonIt is not official information. Grubb is a well-known leaker and his information tends to be correct, but we will obviously have to wait for an official confirmation or refusal from Nintendo.

Finally, we remind you that Metroid Prime 4 is also in development.

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