Ukraine-Russia war, today’s news

Ukraine-Russia war, today’s news

Zelensky: “Putin will be eliminated by his entourage.” Biden: “If China supplies weapons to Russia, the United States will respond.” European Union, the tenth package of sanctions.

365 days since the start of the war in Ukraine

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Live news of the conflict between Ukraine and Russia

Cnn and Zelensky requested F-16s and long-range missiles

ukrainian president, Volodymyr ZelenskyHe asked Republican lawmakers to look at the list of weapons to be supplied Kyiv, which will include F-16 fighter jets and long-range missiles. He takes her back there CNN. In early February, Zelensky met with a delegation of US Republicans, incl Michael McCallChairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives. “We had a very productive meeting with President Zelensky. We basically talked about what you need to win this war. And Zelensky will present a list of weapons that Ukraine needs to win,” McCall said.

Ukraine knocked “Putin” on the character who reproduces the work of Banksy

The Ukrainian Post issued a stamp copying the work of the British artist Banksy, in which a young judoka knocks out a mature man, an allegory for Ukraine defeating Russia. The artist’s work evokes the Ukrainian army that overthrew Russian President Vladimir Putin, known as a black belt in judo. Banksy painted it on a destroyed wall in Medina Borodyankanorthwest of Kyiv.


Kiev: counterattack In the spring, we also liberated Crimea. We will hit the ammunition depots in the Russian lands in Belgorod

The Ukrainian army will be ready for a counteroffensive in the spring: the goal is to liberate all occupied territories, incl Crimea“We will stop only when we restore the country within the 1991 borders,” said the deputy chief of intelligence of the Ministry of Defense in Kiev. Vadim Skibitskyquoted UNIAN. One of the goals, Skibitsky explained, would be an attempt to “drive a wedge into the Russian front in the south, between Crimea and the Russian mainland,” “Ukraine will hit ammunition depots in Russian territory, including the Belgorod region, and attacks will start again there.”

Records from the Russian Front

By Carlo Bonini (editorial coordination), Rosalba Castelletti (sent to Belgorod). Multimedia Curator Laura Bertchy. Gedi Visual Production

Putin: “NATO countries are complicit in the crimes of the Kiev regime”

“NATO countries, albeit indirectly, are complicit in the crimes of the Kiev regime, which, among other things, bombs residential areas in Novorossiya and Donetsk.” said the Russian president, Russian President Vladimir Putinin an interview with Russia 1.


Zelensky: “Peace is not enough, Ukraine will defend itself for 10 years”

Even if Ukraine signs the most stringent peace treaties, the threat of aggression by Russia could recur. Therefore, it is necessary to build a Ukrainian state that will be able to defend itself in the future: the speech of the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelenskyin excerpts from an interview given to the Ukrainian media and transmitted by the Ukrainian presidential website.


Biden rejects China’s peace plan

USA President Joe Biden He rejects the peace plan drawn up by China. “If Putin likes it, how can it be a good plan?” He rejects it by pointing out that “there are advantages for Russia only in that plan”. According to the head of the White House, “the idea that China is” negotiating a war outcome that is completely unfair to Ukraine is not rational.

Biden rejects China: “His plan helps Putin.” G20, disagreement between ministers

By our correspondent Paolo Mastrolelli

India’s G20 finance ministers end up split: China and Russia do not vote in an official statement

Group of twenty finance ministers and central bank governors India Closed with a split on the war in Ukrainewith the China and the Russia who did not vote for the official press release at the end of the meeting, Therefore, it was banned from being published and forcing India, the sitting president, to issue a presidential summary. The text, which was rejected by the two countries, repeated what was stated at the end of the G20 summit in Bali last November. Moscow’s response: “Our opponents, represented by the United States, the European Union and the Group of Seven, continue not to slow down their panicky attempts to isolate Russia, blaming the resulting problems in the field of international security and the world economy.”

Zelinsky, 1877 A village still in Russian hands

There are currently 1,877 Ukrainian towns and villages in Russian hands. This was announced by the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky In his address to the participants of the event the Federal President of Germany was devoted to solidarity with Ukraine. bring it back Ukraineska Pravda. He said, “The occupier seeks to increase this number and add millions more of shattered destinies to the already shattered destinies.”


Zelensky, Putin will be eliminated by his entourage

Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky He said he was convinced of that Russian President Vladimir Putin Sooner or later his entourage will kill him: “Surely there will be a moment when he feels the fragility of Putin’s regime inside Russia. Predators will eat the predator. They will find a reason to kill the killer, but they will need a reason,” Zelensky told the reporter. Dmytro Komarov who made a documentary one year after the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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