Ukraine: Russian parachutes in Kharkiv. The second round of talks today. – World

Ukraine: Russian parachutes in Kharkiv.  The second round of talks today.  – World

The Russian Airborne Forces landed in Kharkiv. This is what the Ukrainian army declared both The city hospital was attacked by paratroopers. “The airborne forces landed in Kharkiv at night and attacked a local hospital,” the Kyiv army explained. “At the moment – the note continues – there are clashes between the invaders and the Ukrainians.”

Today is the second round of talks in pursuit of a truce in Ukraine.

The Russian armed forces hit the Kyiv TV tower. The Russian raid caused at least 5 casualties. This was reported by the Ukrainian authorities. A few hours ago, the Russian army called on all citizens of the Kyiv region who live near communication towers to leave their homes. And “according to intelligence, Russian forces are preparing for an air attack on the Saint Sophia Cathedral in Kyiv, a UNESCO World Heritage Site,” the Ukrainian embassy to the Holy See reported.

“To the world: what’s the point of saying ‘This won’t happen again’ for 80 years, if the world is silent when a bomb falls on the same Babin Yar site? At least 5 dead. History repeats itself…”. Thus, Ukrainian President Zelesky announced on Twitter a Russian attack on a monument near the Babi Yar memorial to commemorate the extermination of 30,000 Jews during World War II by the Nazis.

Then Zelensky asked Joe Biden to give a “strong and useful” message. On Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in the State of the Union address to be given this evening. In an exclusive interview with CNN and Reuters, from the bunker in which he is hiding in Kyiv, the Ukrainian leader, the former actor said: “It’s a very dangerous situation, we are not in a movie”. “I am not a prominent person, Ukraine is,” added Zelensky, stressing that “the world cannot miss something very special.”

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As a Russian convoy of armored vehicles over 60 kilometers long drives through Kyiv, the maternity ward ends up near the capital in the crosshairs and in the middle of Kharkiv Russian missiles hit the regional government building and at least 10 dead were counted, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky accuses Russia of “war crimes” and appeals to Europe in Drama video entry At the extraordinary plenary session of the European Parliament. “Prove that you are with Ukraine,” said the Ukrainian president, asking the Europeans.

CNN reported that The White House has ruled out a no-fly zone in Ukraine Because it would require the use of US military force to impose it.

claimed Ukraine The extermination of elite Chechen fighters who were planning to assassinate President Volodymyr Zelensky.. Oleksiy Danilov, Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, said today in a televised speech that the unit “which came to kill our president, has been eliminated”, the British Daily Mail reported online.

If Moscow’s stated goal continues to be “the demilitarization of Ukraine” and “the elimination of Nazism”, to protect Russia from the “military threat” of Western countries and then continue the offensive until “all goals” are achieved, declares TASS Today is the second round of talks on the border with Belarus On the banks of the Pripyat River. Even if the Kremlin has made clear that it is too early to assess them. The autumn attack made President Zelensky say that this was the work of a “terrorist state” that no one would ever forgive or forget.

“We knew there would be a price to pay, but the tragedy we are going through is huge,” he added. Then he accused Putin of talking about military objectives while continuing to kill children. For Charles Michel, President of the Council of the European Union, the EU must rise to the occasion: enlargement is a difficult issue because there are different opinions, but the Kyiv question is legitimate. Ursula von der Leyen speaks of a “moment of truth” for Europe, because democracy and authoritarianism are underway. But on the ground, a new alarm comes from a tweet from the Verkhovna Rada, according to which Belarusian military units have crossed the border and entered the Chernihiv region. The Daily Beast writes that Belarus has already been used as a base by the Russians, but if the news is confirmed, this means that the nation has become the third direct participant in the war.

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Meanwhile, in a video message to the Conference on Disarmament in Geneva, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov accused Kyiv of plotting to develop its nuclear arsenal, which threatens international security. According to Lavrov, who was boycotted by delegations, “it is unacceptable for Russia that some European countries host American nuclear weapons. It is time to bring them home.” And although today Europe is imposing unprecedented sanctions, as Commissioner for the Internal Market Thierry Breton explains, with “the ban on Russia today and Sputnik in the EU market on all media”; British Prime Minister Johnson vows the West is ready to ramp it up “for as long as necessary”. London also speculates about Russia’s “expulsion” from the United Nations Security Council.

In ItalyWhere as rated The number of refugees is expected to range between 800 and 900,000And the In her information to the rooms Chairman of Board of Directors Mario Draghi Reaffirms the country’s solidarity with Ukraine, attacks “Putin’s revenge plan” and nuclear blackmail and stresses the need for a quick, firm and united reaction. Because in the face of aggression that set us back more than 80 years, Italy does not intend to turn the other way.

The Prime Minister also explained that the response was made in Kyiv because the democratically elected government must be able to resist the invasion. Now we must move quickly on the path of common European defense, complementary to NATO. Draghi explains that the government is also working to mitigate the impact of any energy supply problems. There are currently no signs of a gas outage. Italy imports about 95% of the gas it consumes, and more than 40% comes from Russia. In the short term, even a complete break will not be a problem. There are still 2.5 billion cubic meters of gas in storage. But in order to diversify, we must move forward with renewables, regasification, and double the TAP pipeline. A common EU approach to gas storage is needed.

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Ukraine is ready to strengthen communication with China And “looking forward to mediation by the Chinese side to reach a ceasefire.” This is what Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said to Chinese counterpart Wang Yi during their phone call, in the report provided by Piceno. Kuleba presented the conditions of the first round of Ukrainian-Russian negotiations, noting that “ending the war is a top priority for the Ukrainian side” and is “open to negotiating a solution” “positively and honestly.” Despite the setbacks, the Ukrainian side “remains calm and ready to continue negotiations.”

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