Omigron was in the United States before it was discovered. Israel is already thinking about a fourth dose

The Omigron variant was already discovered in New York and the United States before it was given its name.

The New York Times reports on the case of a Minneapolis health inspector who attended a conference in Manhattan from November 19 to 21 with 53,000 people in attendance. The day before scientists learned of the new variant in South Africa, the WHO had not yet given a name. Laboratory tests on the positive swab of man have now confirmed the presence of omigran mutations.

Israel Towards the Fourth Level – Meanwhile, as Italy moves forward with a third dose, Israel is already thinking about a fourth dose. At least for those with immune deficiencies.

This was reported by Channel 12, according to which Israeli health experts will discuss the possibility of giving more doses to high-risk population groups in the presence of the Omicron variant.

The third dose of booster in Israel, last July, was given immediately to patients with compromised immune systems, including those undergoing cancer treatment.

The fourth dose, which was not even ruled out by us, Cts coordinator Franco Locadelli made clear on Rai33 this evening at Che tempo che fa: “We do not know how long protection from the third dose will be free from disease and infection. Let’s start with that and then decide based on the evidence. The fourth dose is an inevitable possibility, but not even on the agenda at this time. Science learns step by step and gives clues about what is clearly emerging.

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