Elodie snaps at the airport, moments of panic: the police arrive

Elodie snaps at the airport, moments of panic: the police arrive

Do not get angry *** Alodice. It’s one of the lessons to emerge from the new docu-series on the Romanian singer I still feel dizzy, visible on demand on the Prime Video platform. Three rings that It tells the story of the last two years of life and career Elodie DePatrice. Light years, now, from the young competitor to friends, entered the Ariston Theater not only as an artist, but also as a co-host of the Sanremo Festival two years ago. And there are many episodes that reveal the “behind the scenes” of his countless dates: from conversations in the dressing room with Charles Verdon For mood swings in the studio to record the new album. Hence the various photo calls, meetings with eminent colleagues such as Mahmoud and Elisaonly to end up in the movie’s big cinematic “premiere”. I eat your heart, which was presented at the recent Venice Exhibition, with some success. Showcasing the Elodie actress in all her expression and sensitivity.

In the series, episodes related to Elodie’s professional activity are clearly not only told, but also shown his Hence the word “incazzatura” above. Quartaccio singer, in fact, he says An anecdote that happened to her recently at an airport. While waiting for the call at the gate to board, tired and lost in thought, I involuntarily intercepted a telephone conversation of a person who, clearly recognizing her, made an inappropriate comment to her interlocutor: “I saw Elodie, but she didn’t even reckon with me.” He is under the influence of somethingHe never said that.

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At that point, Elodie got angry and attacked the man furiously: “I was there, at that point, where I was black, I could actually look like I was on to something. I ate it. I shouted at him what he said. The police arrived to calm the situation down. I’m crazy.” The nervousness that, as you yourself admit, stems from the singer’s intolerance for judgment or prejudice that manifests itself every moment of her life, even when she is alone in a public place like an airport specifically. Meanwhile, the man remained the object of protest Furious, and perhaps surprised, he reacted in a video he had never imagined It has already spread on the web Let it be a lesson. If you meet Elodie on the street, watch what she says. You can find it against you with a harsh face!

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