This is the new hostile Queen Diana’s consort

This is the new hostile Queen Diana’s consort

After the death of Queen Elizabeth, all eyes are on the heir to the throne Charles and his wife Camilla. Who is the Queen? Here is his relationship with Diana.

Unfortunately the moment no one wanted to reach has come: Queen Elizabeth is dead. The governor passed away on the afternoon of September 8 this afternoon Sanitary conditions worsened significantly in the morning. The news completely shocked the world but In these hours, curiosity about how inheritance issues are dealt with is growing.

Charles is now the rightful heir to the throne, the new king of England who left the longest reign in the history of the British monarchy, that of Elizabeth. Carlo in his difficult role will be accompanied by his second wife, but the love of a lifetime: Camilla Parker Bowles. The beginning of the relationship between the two dates back to the 1970s when Queen Elizabeth did not approve of the relationship at all.

In fact, Camila is no longer a virgin, and this has proven to be a real obstacle for his family. And so the most sought-after bachelor in the world marries the young Diana Spencer with whom she has two children, William and Harry. marriage between Diana and Carlohowever it Unhappy union precisely because of the constant presence of Carlo’s mistress, Camilla Shand.

After their stormy divorce Carlo and Diana and the tragic disappearance of a woman, Carlo married Camila in 2005 and with her they will start a new life together in the sunlight. And now, the two have been invited to rule the world’s most important and famous monarchy. As a result of all these vicissitudes, the English see compromise a Buckingham Palace, Diana’s alleged rival?

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Camilla and the British

Parker Bowles, after the death of the Queen, came close to occupying with her husband Charles the much-coveted place on the throne of England. Elisabetta represented a point of reference for the British and the world at large during the seventy years of her rule. It’s Carlo’s turn who, after a long wait, is ready to take the throne. with him There is Camilla who seems to have finally won the approval of the English subjects.

For years, in fact, Camilla was considered the direct rival of Diana, who was really responsible for the misfortune of the princess, and guilty of destroying the family.. The British have always been more sympathetic, simple and honest Diana, too, and perhaps above all, for her fragility.

In fact, over time, even the number Camila was also acquitted thanks to the enduring love display between her and her husband Carlo. This is why the British seem to be excited about new things Judgment Despite great grief at the loss of the incredible Queen Elizabeth.

On the other hand, no one would really be like her.

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