Andrea Nicole Chose Ciprien for Men and Women / Secret Encounter, De Felipe Fiori

Advances of recording men and women Today, November 30th, we reveal that Andrea Nicole chose Ciprien but not with the red chapel chairs in the studio. The two actually arrived together, after spending a night alone and without cameras, all without the knowledge of the editorial staff. The behavior drew criticism from Gianni Sperti in particular, who accused the two of being false and constructed, and told Nicole that she was unworthy of the throne. Strong words for the girl who broke down in tears. Also disappointed was Alessandro, another suitor to Andrea Nicole, who learned everything in the studio. He also accused both of them of being fake and constructed. (Updated by Anna Montesano)

Andrea Nicole Cibrian chose

Evolution in studio men and women. After long waiting Andrea Nicholl, one of the new tronista in this version, has made up its mind. According to Lorenzo Bugnaloni on his Instagram page Menedonneclassicoeover, the choice of the beautiful Nicole (without particular surprises) fell on Cyprian. On the other hand, tronista immediately showed great interest in him, which then turned into love.

King cyprien, A few episodes ago, he admitted that he was in love with her but then decided not to return to the studio feeling a little concerned about her, despite this important revelation. However, Andrea Nicholl did not allow herself to be frustrated by this behavior and actually called him back to the studio so that he could tell her everything to her face.

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Ciprien and Andrea Nicholl, Secret Encounter Without Cameras: The Two Slaughtered Men and Women

But how to choose Andrea Nicole for men and women? According to the news developments, in the recording that took place yesterday Maria de Filippi had a fight with CyprienAlthough the reasons are not known at the moment. In response, after recording, the boy decided to knock on the door of the house Andrea Nicholl But without the production of cameras. The two then spent the night together without notifying the editorial staff. Today they entered the studio together, confirming that they chose each other. Their behavior, however, infuriated Gianni and Tina Which accused the two of cruelty, which made Andrea Nicholl cry.

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