WhatsApp, a new threat to all users: how to avoid it

WhatsApp, a new threat to all users: how to avoid it

WhatsApp, a new threat to all users: how to avoid it. The world’s most popular chat system has a messaging problem

New risks for WhatsApp users (web source)

As has been said many times in the past, one of the main problems The WhatsApp Now it is there aggregate. The aspect is not only inherent in the integrity of each profile as such, but also in the avoidance of phenomena phishing. Emails and “hookup” messages are raging in all chats. With the arrival of smartphones, most economic transactions are now done online. So it becomes very tempting for all scammers to steal money (and data) from users. The app is owned by Facebook social networking site Often complained of problems in this regard. Latest chronological interests Announcing the winner of a €500 shopping voucher From a well-known chain of supermarkets long S. Obviously we are talking about a scam that you should be wary of.

Specifically if we go to Click the link in the messageWe enable hackers to access our sensitive data. Name, surname, social security number, credit card, and Current account details. Everything on the phone becomes visible even to scammers.

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WhatsApp, a new threat to all users: a €500 Esselunga shopping voucher

The WhatsApp
WhatsApp (Image: Getty)

in the messagePseudomonas Esselunga‘, With Supposed payment of €500 in shopping vouchersThere is a link to a site created specifically for the occasion. Here users will be required to enter some data needed to receive the voucher and this is how the scam is operated. To try to avoid the situation, you can pay attention to some details.

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First The overvalued gain (Euro 500 shopping vouchers not included). Some spelling or grammatical errors in the composition of the message. Bids are too low to be credible And receive cash rewards very easily.

The only way to protect your safety He avoids opening the message and delete it immediately.

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