De Laurentiis has already found an economic agreement

De Laurentiis has already found an economic agreement

Antonio Conte seems much closer to becoming Napoli’s new manager. De Laurentiis could have already reached an agreement and tomorrow could indeed be a decisive day.

Antonio Conte New coach L Naples. This was a suggestion until recently that seemed to be becoming a reality over time. It seems that the Neapolitans did not remain at the window waiting for the decision Gasperini Which currently only considers Atalanta as its priority. Aurelio De Laurentiis The Blue Club – according to what journalist and market expert Alfredo Pedulla explains on his YouTube channel – had met Conte Saturday, May 11 at Turin. Summit there could be some kind of agreement in economic terms.

An actual agreement will inevitably bring Conte closer to Napoli, starting next season. Regardless of Gasperini’s speech, The Neapolitans have taken concrete steps Bassem, the former Tottenham coach, is ready to return to Italy. In fact, Conte would have facilitated the process by showing that he was willing to give up something compared to his initial economic demands. The name remains in the background Stefano Pioli Who will officially leave Milan at the final whistle of the last match of the tournament against Salernitana.

Pioli could be Conte's plan B at Napoli.

Pioli could be Conte’s plan B at Napoli.

Economic agreement between Naples, led by De Laurentiis, and Conte

Napoli had reached an agreement with Antonio Conte On a fixed salary of 6.5/7 million and a bonus of 2 million in the event of qualifying for the next edition of the Champions League. The 2 million bonus then becomes a fixed basis from the following season. From this point of view, there will be a squared circle between the two extremes. But at the moment there is a phase of stagnation which could see an acceleration from De Laurentiis Indeed, tomorrow he will close permanently with Conte.

So tomorrow may be a crucial day. On the one hand there is Atalanta will meet Gasperini again To discuss the future, perhaps once and for all. The Nerazzurri offer is up for renewal for two years, while… The coach wants a three-year deal Provided that the size of the team is not reduced and that there is an important transfer market. On the other hand, Napoli, which certainly will not consider Conte as a replacement for Gasperini, and who may decide to finally strike the blow to sign the Salento coach and officially start the new season.

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