Allegri is satisfied, but the derby is just broth

Allegri is satisfied, but the derby is just broth

The coach praised the team spirit, but the match still disappeared and the “recovery” still seemed a long way off

broth Max Allegrisatisfied beyond any logical measure of Little success in the Juventus derbycertainly bears witness to the will of the group Get out of the crisisbut it equally clarifies, if there is also a need How deep is the annoyance? Within a team that is light years away from the performances that a team like Juventus should offer. against the Turin she wasn’t pretty Juventus. Juventus have been careful, that is possible, balanced enough and somewhat sarcastic. But there is no beautiful work, beautiful.

Tangled in period shirts that couldn’t be blacker, Allegri played his derby as an Italian in the fifties or thereaboutsSolid defense by eight players below the ball line and returns as dangerous as possible to the axis Vlahovic Kostik, with the first bouncing looking for playable balls and the second trying to go into the spaces to collect his partner’s suggestions. This gameplay, or rather The option to leave the game ball to Turinproduces zero until the 32nd minute, when the attacker has Ex Fiorentina First pull towards the door Milinkovic-Savic. Before that, it was just a long look in each other’s eyes, with a cultivation legal Who played better but the reason No attacking positionShe can never make herself dangerous, even from a distance.

The fact is that the first half, except for two minutes of shooting above (plus Vlahovictwo more conclusions in one minute with Locatelli and Rabiot from a distance), things went smooth and boring, and I expected the second half to be a little more sparkling. Nothing special, obviously, but at least it made it more interesting with a purpose Vlahovic It is trying to limp somewhat Turin To put the game back on its feet. To understand: rule Derby is a killer and therefore ugly.but under the mole there was no little exaggeration, in fact, in the end, to be content with the broth that brought back a smile to Allegri and a bit of Juventus pride for a club returning from historic defeat. Haifa against the Maccabi.

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And if broth is really good for your health, we’ll find out soon. Meanwhile, the Juventus coach can count on a league calendar up to Juventus on November 6They will oppose it Empoli (October 21 at home) H Lychee (October 29), that is, the possibility of accumulating three consecutive victories. Between two matches her honor will be worth more than anything else: on October 25, the first leg in Lisbon against Benficaon November 2, inscribed at home against psg. It will be understood just how unrecoverable Juve really is here. While Allegri is satisfied with what is going on in the monastery and eagerly awaits the recovery of the wounded, Paul Pogba in the lead.

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