April 2, 2023

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Allegri and Juventus transfer market: “There is unity of purpose. We need a mix, with all the youngsters it is difficult to win”

Massimiliano AllegriTechnical Juventus, speaking after suffering 2-0 in Florence against Fiorentina. “We trained for a day and a half, there were people who didn’t train. We finished the year well, and now we’re thinking fast about next year.”
Who are the names on the market for the summer?
“I am happy that we have unity of purpose. We have a lot of players, and many of them will have to leave. Chiellini, Bernardeschi and Dybala stopped at the end of the contract. Then there is the transfer market but everything has to be done calmly and clearly. The team has to be calmly arranged.”
Di Maria cried after the last match with Paris Saint-Germain
“Every day many names appear, from Monday we start thinking about how to arrange the team. There is a good rule, and we have to do better.”
Will it be a mixture of chances, experienced summer players and Vlahovic-Locatelli players?
“In the eleven, there were already youngsters, we had five. Vlahovic, Locatelli, De Ligt, Chiesa, then Meretti had good races. The team is growing, naturally there is a need to mix within the team otherwise with all the young people it is more difficult to win. Experience and malice are required. De Ligt has many races to his feet, Velhovic and Locatelli have entered well. We will need to balance in the team.”
In the past five seasons, Juventus has always gone down as it scored points
“It will not be necessary to define the revolution. But there is a psychological factor: we made progress and got to the match with Inter playing something important. 83 points were not enough, we will see if Milan reach 86 but we have said that, we lost to Inter, we played with 12 players for three months. Those 70 points are wrong, they don’t tell the truth about the team: When you reach the goal, something is missing. It’s a false 70 points but back to winning, you just have to do more.”

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