“Other than Juventus, what is the real rival of Napoli for the Scudetto”, there is conviction!

“Other than Juventus, what is the real rival of Napoli for the Scudetto”, there is conviction!

clerk Maurice DiGiovanni Guest on “La Domenica Azzurra”, which was broadcast on OttoChannel. This is what was highlighted:

Eight points is not a little bit but there is still a lot to play forwe cannot go so far as to note that the Napoli Spalletti, a fine orchestra, has more hunger and determination than modern orchestras. I don’t know if he is stronger than Sarri, the real difference lies precisely in the desire to get out of Osimhen, Kvaratskhelia, Raspadori and different partners. January can be indicative rather than decisive. If Napoli are to emerge unscathed or about to emerge, then they will have to shoulder the responsibility of being one step away from history.

Maurice DiGiovanni

Milan’s real rival for the Scudetto is for Napoli: Maurizio Di Giovanni’s conviction

It could be against Napoli Milan, not Juventus. On legal matters, I can only say that it is appalling that no one has resigned, even in D’Onofrio’s case, and as a fan and customer of the football system, I demand that those who have done wrong pay money, even severely. We must be vigilant about scandalous referees, because this tournament will be played point by point with competitors, and ‘Maradona’ must be our fortress, because Juventus aside, all the big names will come to Napoli in a second. circular”.

The writer also spoke about the following My path is with Salernitana:”I think it is dreadful to have a rivalry beyond the bell tower, it is dreadful to be called upon a natural disaster which would, moreover, affect a great part of the district of Salerno. When two brother peoples, with the same culture, speaking a similar language, and separated by 40 km, insult each other in this way, it is very sad, it is an insult. I repeat the concept: when some cheers come from the south, they hurt me the most and I don’t understand the reasons“.

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