Alfonso Signorini, after 20 years he must say goodbye: unfortunately he did not

Alfonso Signorini, after 20 years he must say goodbye: unfortunately he did not

Obviously, there will be a major change regarding the reality show that Alfonso Signorini has been the undisputed owner for several years now. But what is this? What is certain is that there is never peace for a leader…

what will The father of all reality shows? Now viewers necessarily want to know more …

Alfonso Signorini Yobe

Many may think that the conductor, as well as the former director. Very artful of the magazine FromAnd the Alfonso SignoriniThey were exempted from running the program, but the reality is completely different, let’s see what it is about in detail…

It has been on the air for twenty years Big brother, one of the most popular reality shows on Italian television. It started as a social experiment a long time ago, and it initially let in many unimportant people, thus people who were actually completely anonymous and had nothing to do with them. The wide world of entertainmentto enter this context that represents a fortune for many.

Since 2016, GF has switched to gF vib That is, in the reality show destined to follow the 24-hour “imprisonment” in Cinecittà’s hideout of famous and well-known personalities. We are currently on version #7 which, along with the previous and previous version, was made by Alfonso Signorini Who is on top version VIP affiliate Big brother From the fourth season and that from the year 2020 of that terrible epidemic.

The shocking news: everything changes!

Reality TV has always been Branded Mediaset It hosts its competitors in a home that is – in fact – not really a home, but a studio in which it is located Cinecittà, in Rome. The studio where he is recording is – practically – attacked!

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Every year, Pete Big brother They are grouped and then – listen, listen – reassembled to make room for building other groups that are always too many. However, in this regard, the novelty is declared, which – frankly – can be defined as A real revolution in reality TV. what is he talking about?

Changes are underway at GF Vip
GF Vip YouBee House

Currently, a house GF VIP 7 It extends over an area of ​​2,000 square meters which – however – is not used by all competitors. Then there three rooms. Which are they? Technical, discreet and cool. But – listen, listen – only one of these, the scenic area, is reserved for competitors who have a swimming pool and sauna at their disposal, different rooms, Living room, kitchen, bathroom and plenty of spaces to relax as well as a garden – to say the least – gorgeous, not to mention One Thousand and One Nights. Also, changes are made every year Cinecittà cellarWith the arrival of renovated spaces, the furnishings also vary depending on the sponsors available. But Now everything is changing! what do you mean by that?

In practice, plans are being made to move the headquarters of the reality show to Cologno Monzese where, not far away, is the studio that hosted it for so long. Get a nice one, the party day container that has held the Italian company for many years. This can happen fromEdition number 8 Which will start, apparently – in September 2023.

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