“Simo lived in hell” – Libero Quotidiano

“Simo lived in hell” – Libero Quotidiano
Robert Tortora

In a historical era when homosexual love can be freely experienced and outlawed, at least in Western countries, there are still those who suffer from homophobic attacks, especially when it comes to socially conscious exposed public figures. We are talking about Alessandro Cecchi Paoni and boyfriend, Simon Antolini, the next competitors in the new edition of L’Isola dei Famosi. The two will celebrate their first anniversary in Honduras, while Ilary Blasi, Enrico Papi and Vladimir Luxoria will be in the studio. In an interview with Nuovo TV, Cecchi Paone admitted that her boyfriend was not having a simple time: “Simone had a hell of a month when we made our love story public. He was shocked.”

For Alessandro Cecchi Paoni, it will be the third time on the most famous tropical island in Italy, and the first for Antolini who, as a figure not belonging to the world of entertainment, has so far struggled to withstand the social pressure on him. And now they have a huge responsibility, they will actually be the first gay couple to participate in the program and a chance to pass on the right message of love and tolerance towards gay couples. “We feel a great responsibility,” commented the former host of “La Macchina del Tempo”. Therefore, the appointment will be with L’Isola dei Famosi on April 17 again on Canale 5, among other competitors there will be Pamela CamassaFiori Argento, Paolo Noyes, Anni Mazzola, Gianmarco Onstini, Luca’s brother, and finally Helena Brissets, after her recent and successful participation in the Beijing Express 2022.

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