Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio: Giulia and Stelvio Super Sport, special 1000 Miglia series

Limited edition of 400 units worldwide between Stelvio and Giulia To remember the success of the 6C 1500 in the race of 1928, red and black are the colors that distinguish the modifications

Definitely the new special series Alfa Romeothe name of the thing Quadrifoglio Super Sporta tribute to an important story: the story of Piscione’s first victory in 1000 miles. After the good position of the RL in the first edition of “the most beautiful race in the world” – as Enzo Ferrari always said – 6C 1500 Super Sport (“Mille Miglia Speciale”) by Giuseppe Campari and Giulio Ramponi dominated the Mille Miglia in 1928, after a marathon of 1,621 km. Out of 82 starters, only 40 reached the finish line, preceded by the slender spider Zagato, who finished the race in 19 hours and 5 hours. seconds at an average speed of 84.128 km/h. For Alfa Romeo, this was the first of eleven Mille Miglia victories, a record still unbeaten. But it was also the first important victory for the 6C 1500, the predecessor to the new generation of Alfa Romeo cars designed by the brilliant Vittorio Jano. Only the Giulia and Stelvio, the two sportiest cars in the range, pay tribute to their predecessors with a special Quadrifoglio Super Sport series that will be produced in 400 units, which will be sold worldwide: 275 for the Giulia and 175 for the Giulia. Stelvio. The number of copies destined for Italy has not yet been announced, nor the price at which they will be sold.

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Visible carbon

The Alfa Romeo Design Center has worked to reinterpret the Quadrifoglio, a symbol that has always defined the most extreme performance in the range. For the first time in the more than 100-year history of the four-leaf clover, the white background of the triangle that traditionally houses the green four-leaf clover with clear contrast, gives way to black. The color distinguishes the entire appearance of the two cars, including the brake calipers. The use of exposed carbon is widespread: on the roof (optional for Giulia), in the V-shape of the center shield and in the rear-view mirror caps. The alloy wheels are five-slot forged, 19-inch for the Giulia and 21-inch for the Stelvio. In addition to Obsidian Black Metallic, the bodywork is also available in Etna Red Tri-Coat and (only for the sedan) Alpha White.

Red finishes

The strong, sporty character of this limited series emerges from the new red carbon finish used on the dashboard, central tunnel and door panels. The front headrests feature red embroidery with the “Super Sport” logo and the model number in black. The steering wheel is covered in leather and Alcantara, with black stitching and carbon fiber inserts. The 12.3-inch digital instrument graphics, located in a “telescope” behind the steering wheel, can be customized using Race mode, exclusive to the Quadrifoglio, which joins the already available Evolved, Relax and Heritage modes. No changes have been made to the engine, which remains a 520bhp 2.9 biturbo V6 mated to a ZF automatic gearbox, with a mechanical self-locking differential (derived from the GTA) and an Akrapovic exhaust. Even in this Quadrifoglio Super Sport version, according to the manufacturer, the Giulia and Stelvio remain the reference point in their categories with regard to driving dynamics and behavior on the road.

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